Amazon buys MGM: All the movies that you will get after the acquisition of the famous Hollywood studio

Amazon buys MGM: All the movies that you will get after the acquisition of the famous Hollywood studio

The rumor has been around Hollywood for weeks. And from the condescension, he suddenly went into negotiations and then into reality: Amazon on Wednesday said it would make a purchase of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, one of Hollywood’s most iconic studios.

Amid the era of live broadcasting, where existing stories are more important than original stories altogether, the movement is explained by an interest in acquiring historical titles for the company and occupying those rights to form unpublished productions of new ones. Hearings.

“With the talents at MGM and Amazon Studios, we can reimagine and develop that intellectual property for the 21st century … People who love stories will be the big winners,” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, president and CEO.

But what is that library that is so appreciated by the company behind it The boys s Wonderful Mrs. Meisel? The studio’s launch spans nearly 100 years of history and ranges from black and white productions to Wild bullAnd the rockyAnd the Legally blonde And the saga James Bond.

In some cases (like the 007 franchise, half of which is owned by the Broccoli family), any new move will require separate negotiations, but with the recent acquisition, Amazon leaves an important chunk of Hollywood to turn it into serials, films, documentaries and basically whatever it is you want.

Here, a tour of the titles mentioned by Bezos, which will eventually arrive on Amazon Prime Video, which may lead to new stories, derivatives, and variations.

No time to die, The 25th film in the franchise and Daniel Craig’s latest movie, Agent 007, has yet to be shown in theaters (in September in the UK and October in the world). But the British actor’s farewell fits perfectly with Amazon’s most likely desire to give new energy to the franchise, with a new actor and a fresh approach. Once the 25 films in the saga made it to the company’s broadcast platform, it would be a big event.

Usually one of the points of tension when acquiring this caliber in Hollywood are films that have been approved by management and released in a new phase. This is likely the case for the third part of the Reese Witherspoon starring story, set so far in May 2022, an encounter after nearly two decades with her character Elle Woods.

Within days of its 30th theatrical release, Ridley Scott’s film will be a part of Amazon. Iconic and still contemporary, it seems like the kind of story that might needlessly lead to a revival. But how does she do that to keep up with Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis?

If Paramount + is making a chain about filming The GodfatherPerhaps Amazon appreciates the option to emulate this look by approaching some of the creative heights of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. If something developed from this profile, it wouldn’t be a replacement that spurs the director and star, but in Hollywood today, everything will be decided by Jeff Bezos’ company.

Reviving Michael B. Jordan’s film as the son of Apollo Creed, the series is having a good time. In fact, set up a third part with an actor Black Panther As a new director and for the first time without appearing as Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. Filming has yet to commence, so it should not be excluded that the purchase of MGM will generate some creative change for the franchise that began in 1976.

The last attempt to bring the cyberpunk world back from the saga was in 2014, with a forgotten movie with all-star actors and starring Joel Kinman. Of all MGM’s big perks, it’s possibly the numbest, so there may be fertile ground for your teeth to sink in with a fresh approach.

After a recent change of director (British Ben Wheatley left, American Misha Green entered), the franchise aims to have a second movie with Swedish actress Alicia Vikander in the central role. The first movie wasn’t particularly successful, so Amazon might want to tweak the project and maybe turn it into something else.

MGM is a popular TV title producer that has found their homes in the United States. Jeff Bezos has cited at least two: The Handmaid’s Tale, Which is a North American original series from the Hulu platform (on Paramount + in Chile), and Vikings, Shown by History (here on Netflix). The mystery remains to be solved as to whether they will move to Amazon Prime Video in the future and abandon their existing companies.

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