AMLO. Formalizes former personal assistant’s request as ambassador to Russia

AMLO.  Formalizes former personal assistant’s request as ambassador to Russia

The president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorshipped to Standing Committee Federal Congress Muslim From Eduardo Villegas Megias, who had it Personal assistant when he was prime minister From the then Federal District, as Ambassador Extraordinary and Commissar Mexico in Russia.

In the Parliamentary Gazette, an official who lacks experience in the diplomatic field is formally appointed for ratification by that legislature.

It should be noted that Villegas Megias is currently serving as the Coordinator of Historical and Cultural Memory of Mexico for the Presidency of the Republic, and is a close collaborator with Beatriz Gutierrez Muller.

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The next ambassador was born in 1978 in Veracruz. He holds BA and MA degrees in Philosophy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

It is noteworthy that he taught at Japanese High School for one academic year in 2007. He worked for a semester at a branch of the University of Iberoamericana in 2010.

He also worked as a professor at the School of Latin American Studies in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at UNAM University.

The former special collaborator of López Obrador has been a member of Morena since 2012.

AMLO sends proposals to embassies to the permanent

On the other hand, the President of the Republic sent to ratify the appointment of Maria Victoria Romero Caballero as Ambassador of Mexico to Azerbaijan.

She is currently the Coordinator of G20, MICTA and Political Issues with European Countries at the State Department (SRE).

He also formally proposed Norma Bertha Bensado Moreno as Mexico’s ambassador to Denmark. Currently, she is the ambassador to Russia.

From Carolina Zaragoza Flores, ambassador to Ireland.

Most recently, she held the position of Director General of Consular Services.

Amparo Erendira Anguiano Rodriguez, Ambassador of Mexico to Romania.

It should be noted that all appointments were announced last January by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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