Anne Hathaway on Her Last Wish, The Lost Film on Netflix


Let’s face it, catalogs are inside platforms flow It’s so broad that on many occasions we miss some titles, like Film By American actress Anna Hathaway. Which one are we referring to? We are talking about His last wish, This movie is hidden inside Netflix to get out of the routine and stop watching over and over what we always see on the platforms.

Biography American actress Anna Hathaway He is wide and his career has great cinematic productions, however, Winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress For its role in Les Miserables This time it allows us to see the style of a character in which we rarely see her, a journalist involved in her investigation of an illegal arms sale in Central America, in a thrilling movie full of action, worth any Sunday from the movies. .

Annie Hathaway Elena, the American journalist in Central America, plays

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What is your last wish about?

Based on a homologous narration (The last thing he wantedWritten by the American journalist Joan Didion, Supervised film adaptation De Rees, Tells the story of Elena McMahon, the journalist who left behind her coverage of the 1984 US presidential election to care for her ailing father. Out of guilt, Didion accepts her father’s assignment and takes up her position as an arms dealer for a secret government agency, which was trying to uncover.

Annie Hathaway He takes on the role of Elena McMahon in Her Last Wish, based on the novel of the same name

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Who Is Accompanying Annie Hathaway In The Cast?

Reliance on is incredible EjaculateAnd the His last wish With participation Willem Dafoe Like Elena’s father, Richard and McMahon Ben Affleck As Treet Morrison, a high-ranking government official, during the process of investigating an error in Elena’s documents, he begins a romantic relationship with her. Dafoe and Affleck have joined names like Rosie Perez, Eddie Gaethje, Mel Rodriguez, Toby Jones and Carlos Lille.

In his dying desire, Willem Defoe As Richard Dick McMahon, the father of journalist and hero Elena McMahon.

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Are there differences between the novel and the movie?

No need to do anything spoilerNot to mention the classic, somewhat boring saying, “Books are always better than movies”; Those who have read the book and seen the movie, will be able to recount the endless changes found in Film adaptation In connection with its 1996 debut as a novel.

Starting at the end, the film introduces a scenario completely different from the romantic one, making it less fateful and turning it into the canons of Hollywood, which is where the hero (in this case) will always prevail. Also, there are certain variations within the text that correspond to temporal jumps, and they are generally classics in works Joan Didion. The same changes the critics weren’t kind to their reviews, but it’s worth giving it a shot to see Anne Hathaway in action.

Ben Affleck next to Annie Hathaway Treats Morrison as, in his last wish

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Where do you see his last wish?

Despite facing unfavorable criticism, His last wish It was one of the great bets for Netflix For the ill-fated 2020. With little exposure in Latin America, due to the woes of that year, the movie is currently hidden within a giant catalog flow, Waiting to be found by lovers Novels Fans of action movies, not to mention most fans of the actress from The Devil Wears Prada, will be able to add to his list of his best films, in one of his least anticipated shows from his repertoire.

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