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The Ecuadorean time was not among the 16 who qualified for the final stage of the 50 meters freestyle. Schott also ran out of national representatives.

Ecuadorean Annika Delgado was the winner the heat and the best Latin American player among the 50 freestylers, But his record was not enough to qualify for the final stage Swimming in Tokyo 2020.

Delgado recorded time 25.36 seconds, but that wasn’t in the top 16 to qualify for the final stage. Ecuadorean compete in third place the heat From 11 scheduled.

Tricolor swimmer Elinaj Filip (Virgin Islands), Nicole Mirezaj (Albania), Talita Bakla (Jordan), Emma Rajic (Croatia), Kirabo Namotbe (Uganda) and Natalia Kretina (Uzbekistan) competed with a 38-centimeter difference over Philip W. 1 sec 27 pt against Kritinina, who ended the series.

between the 47 competitors to this method, Delgado ranked 25th, Which has been rated as the best of Latin America.

Delgado, 19 years old, He finished his first Olympic Games with a free 50m run, the event that He was also in the 100 meters freestyle, The test that despite taking second place in the heat, It wasn’t enough to qualify to fight for medals.

farewell shot

Two other Ecuadoreans have been disqualified from Tokyo 2020You are in the test shooting with a 25 meter air pistol.

with speed mode, Marina Perez and Diana Durango They completed their test Thursday in the accuracy class.

And Perez was the best in the thirteenth square With 582 points, 291 accuracy and 291 speed, while Durango finished 38 and a total of 569 units with an accuracy of 283 and 286 in speed. (Dr)

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