This is the statistical balance between Mexico and the United States


Next sunday Gold Cup 2021 when United State NS Mexico Final dispute in Elegant Stadium From Las vigas. In a new edition of one of the region’s most important classics, we review the statistical balance between tripartite And the American team.

Game after game starts to get even more par as the North American team gets harder to break. The Aztecs are no longer the favorites for matches because after years of work they have formed a worthy team to fight for dominance. CONCACAF. & nbsp;

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The obvious example is The League of Nations where United StateWith all his characters, he managed to keep the match in an unsuitable definition for heart patients after they won it 3-2 in overtime. This is why the difference between the two is not so inclined for Mexicans because in 73 matches single 38 they went to El TriAnd 21 for stars and stripesAnd 14 Finished evenly. & nbsp;

Mexico vs. USA in the Gold Cup Final

History indicates that since I changed the name of the extreme competition of CONCACAF Classics began to occur in the definition of tournament. subordinate 73 Only six times were exceeded in the definition of the competition in which it took place tripartite She won five years United State No restaurant.

Mexico vs. The United States in the World Cup Finals

In the maximum tournament of FIFA the tripartite Face stars and stripes just one time. It was in the 2002 World Cup where the Americans won the round of 16 2-0 thanks to annotations McBride NS Donovan. In turn, in the qualifying rounds World Cup 1934 USA exclusion Mexico after winning 4-2. & nbsp;

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