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Adaptive CrossFit athlete competed in the upper limb division.

At the 2021 CrossFit Games, considered the most important global event for this discipline held in the United States, Guayaquil Victor Hugo Castro He placed fourth in the upper limbs category overall after finishing second in Event 9 on Thursday.

After competing in seven events, the so-called win over He was distinguished by his performance and 285 points that brought him close to the podium. And the medals went to Americans Casey Acre (655 points), Jose Maldonado (490) and Logan Aldridge (305). In fifth place appears the Spaniard Xabier Osa Méndez (225).

The 32-year-old CrossFit player in Event 9 finished second with a time of 04:05.44 minutes.

“I already tied for 3rd with the same amount of points, but since my competition partner had better positions all days, he gave him 3rd. But I am so happy, so grateful, so motivated and so happy to come here, to fulfill my dream of being able to “Come to compete here and represent me, the gym, the country, my family, on my behalf.” “I feel so happy on the moon,” said the tricolor representative at EL UNIVERSO.

Before debuting at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, the tricolor finished third at the Open in the men’s upper limbs division, according to a post on the official CrossFit Games account.

location and result Victorie in CrossFit Games-2021 is distributed as follows: center (33: 59.60 minutes) and 15 points in event 1; Fourth. position (05: 28.97 minutes), 35 points in event 2; Fifth. position (335 pounds) and 15 points in the third event; Fourth. position (14: 04.48 minutes) and 35 points in the fourth event; the third. position (05: 06.10 min) and 55 points in the fifth event; the third. position (CAP + 99) and 55 points in event 7; He finished in the second box (04: 05.44 minutes) with 75 points in the ninth event.

“These are the moments we work for. Thank you all for the follow up and the wonderful support I’ve received during these days, this is the moment we live in. Here and now, don’t let your dreams escape you for not believing in you or for fear of sacrificing yourself trying, my effort has made it possible It has been my work all these years to get here, and I am proud of what I have been able to achieve.” wrote in Mail On his Instagram account Thursday evening.

The Guayaquil athlete flew to the United States on June 16 to begin his preparations, after which, he made his CrossFit debut.

The President of the Republic, Guillermo Laso, congratulated him via WhatsApp message. Likewise, the Minister of Sports, Sebastian Palacios. (Dr)

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