As well as the new icons for Windows 10


Microsoft Advertise The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343 version, which changes yellow folders Always the OS features by others with different colors. Generally, there are several codes that have been adopted New image In the latest versions of the program however This is the first time in its history In which the typical yellow binders change. If we go back to Windows 3.11, we already have that color that stands for File Explorer.

The goal of this major aesthetic change: Makes it easy to distinguish between different volumes at first glance. Icons that do not offer new features in this update will be offered in the future, according to information from Microsoft.

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Plus colors, in today’s new edition, The company has updated many of the system icons used in File Explorer. Remember, recently, Windows has already changed the Windows security icons, the narrator icon, and the notepad icon. From now on, the most used user folders like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and Recycle Bin also have a new design.

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New icons after a year in which they are not fully integrated

at February 2020 Windows 10 started receiving The first batch of new Office-style icons, such as Part of a major redesign That, as the company announced at the time, It will affect more than 100 Microsoft products, Including the Windows icon itself.

Microsoft says that after updating to this version released today, The custom folders installed in Quick Access will disappear. “You can write it down before updating to this version or pause the updates so we can fix them,” the warning was from Redmond.

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