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Android and iOS users can access one of the most popular Battle Royale: we talk about it It was created by Garena. The title is free, but it does have a small payment platform to access exclusive materials like skins and characters. There are alternatives to accessing these items without spending real money, and they are redemption codes, which appear every day and improve performance in shootouts.

Free codes from It is a series of 12 alphanumeric characters that gives users the opportunity to wear special outfits and other free items in the Battle Royale developed by Garena.

So you don’t miss a thing, we’re sharing the full list of bonus codes for February 23rd. Remember, some codes only work by region. We also teach you the procedure for making use of tokens.

  • FFIC65E269TQ

Redemption code is only available for a specified period. After expiration, users will receive an error message stating “The code has expired or is not valid”.

To enter symbols , You will need to visit the Rewards Redemption website (). After the redemption procedure is successful, they will receive their rewards within 24 hours and can collect them in the mail section of the game.

Free fire | Evoke Skyler

Find excitement in games Free Fire? In addition to DJ Alok and Chrono, a new character has appeared With a large group of fans. Thankfully, you can get by easily and he’s Skyler, the protagonist of the event Super star recharge your balance. At that time, the character was priced at 200 diamonds and now the number is really different. In the same way, we tell you how to add it to your inventory.

While the event ends, Skyler and her bundle are still available for players to play. Buy it with Diamonds, the default currency for Battle Royale.

Skyler has been moved to the “Shop” section in After the Superstar Top Up event ends, his character is now priced at 499 diamonds, and his pack is 899.

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