Asobu eSports and the Global Esports Summit are joining forces to promote esports


Asobu eSports and the Global Esports Summit (GES) are joining forces. Both entities, which are related to the esports sector, launched a joint venture to develop joint publishing and entertainment projects within the framework of e-sports.

The agreement, signed by the CEO and CEO of Asobu eSports, Roberto Exposito, and the CEO of the Global Esports Summit, Antonio Lacasa, Means that they will implement common actions in Gesx formats (Thematic activities), Gstf (Mubasher electronic sports news program), GES and other newly created projects For the entire ecosystem. They will also work on strengthening training activities and developing thematic strategic plans for the sector.

Exposito states that it is a “great opportunity”, as together they will “add differential value to the sector, listen to the environment and help it advance”. “The esports ecosystem needs pushing and proactive entities that maintain the great dynamism that defines our sectorLacasa adds.

“Asobu eSports, with its outstanding commitment, demonstrates new development assets embodied in experiences,” he highlights. It concludes, “GES and all its activities are fully aligned with this concept and our collaboration will lead to the introduction of unique initiatives into the social and business environment, adapting to the new requirements of agents and users with a clear vision for the future”

The fruit of this alliance, Asobu and GES teams are already working on developing Gesx, which will take place in the spring, At Asobu’s Sabadell facility (Barcelona), a day to discuss traditional and esports sports.

Last December, Asobu opened an area of ​​more than 400 square meters in Sabadell, in a project with CN Sabadell that included an investment of 150,000 euros.. The center was opened with a League of Legends Solidarity Tournament, which was held with the aim of raising money for the annual marathon. running race From TV3. In addition, it plans to open two centers of more than 1,500 square meters, one in Barcelona and the other in Madrid, with The goal is to have ten yards in ten years and have a turnover of 12 million euros in 2022.

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