Athletics – Marilyde Paulino wins gold and sets a record in Huelva


Dominican Marilyde Paulino smashed the 400-meter mark at the 16th Ibero-American Athletics Meeting in Huelva on Thursday, winning the gold medal with a time of 49.99.

With his masterful performance, banileja continues to be showcased as an option to run for the upcoming Olympics final in Tokyo 2020, Japan (July 23 to August 8). It broke the 51.23 mark set by Cuban Indira Terrero in 2008.

Paulino is the first Dominican woman and from this event to break the 50-second barrier in the 400 metres.

With this record, she not only convincingly grabbed the gold medal, but did so by smashing her country’s national mark of 50.25, which the player had established herself at the meeting in Andigar, Spain, held on May 22.

With this new feat, there are three records that Marilidi has crushed since last March until this segment, when she took the test in time 50.31, to win the gold medal for the Festival of Speed ​​’Isaac Ogando’, from Bayaguana, Monte Plata, and suddenly qualifies for the Olympic Games to be held in the capital Japanese from July 23 to August 8.

Paulino kicked off his trademark festival on Saturday, March 27 in Payagwana, breaking the country’s record since April 24, 2012 when it was founded by Raisa Sanchez of the capital with 52.33 at the Colombian Athletics Festival.

“It provided further evidence of the great technical and competitive level that he is,” said Gerardo Soiro Correa, president of the Dominican Association of Athletics Federations (FAAD), when giving information about the sprinter’s new achievement.

Katia Azevedo, from Portugal, and Dominican Annabelle Medina, accompanied Marilidi and shared the silver and bronze medals in the final.

The Portuguese scored 50.59 and Medina, who is from Santo Domingo, scored 51.74, a record Soiro Correa said could later qualify for the Olympics with a “cotta”.

Laura Bueno from Spain. Lenny Chida from Uganda; Modesta Joost Morausket of Lithuania while Spaniards Andrea Jimenez and Herminia Parra, respectively, occupied the remaining five places.

Ogando wins the gold, Lugielín reaches fifth

Alexandre Ogando was another Dominican who performed well by winning the gold in the men’s 400m.

Ogando, the promising youngster from San Juan de la Maguana, scored a mark of 45.01, beating great competitors such as Spain’s Oscar Husillos in the final, who was recently crowned the event champion at the World Indoor Championships.

Husillos won the silver with a time of 45.83, 20 percent ahead of silver medalist Mazen Al-Yasin of Saudi Arabia.

Dominican Lugolin Santos, silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics, finished fifth with a good record of 46.04, considering it’s the second competition he’s run since returning from injury.

Lidio Andres Vélez, the other Dominican to reach the final, did not have a good race and finished seventh with a score of 46.31.

In the 400-meter hurdles final, Creole Juander Santos clocked 51.28 and finished seventh.

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