Athletics | The victory of Kenyans Nicholas Kiborer Kimele and Edina Jepetok over the Elgebar Cross


Kenyan plenary session in Elgoibar International Cross, who had an excellent day of pure athletics in a muddy stadium and incessant rain, and that It saw men’s Nicholas Kimeli and women’s Edina Jepetok climb to the top of the podium.

The guys event was amazing. Great candidate Aaron Kevel, recipient of the Atapuerca Cross, had to stay trapped by the coronavirus and pave the way for a victory that would be contested by a group of Eight athletes survived from the startAnd inside it, the Spaniard Adel Mishaal and Naseem Hasso. Kimeli, the world specialist in the 5,000 metres, was fine, carrying the weight of the escape and that effort could take its toll because he had very dangerous traveling companions, like Rogers Kibet, lurking and waiting for his chance, while Amos Sirin, who needed more kilometers to get Its maximum performance, it has surprisingly rolled back.

Kipkorir Kimeli, about to cross the Mintxeta goal.

Ethiopia’s Addisu Yehun, who won Thursday in the Italian town of Campacchio and arrived at the best rhythm of the competition, withstood the last hills and would complete a hat-trick and then cut back to two units to take the win at the Menchita Tartan. The Ugandan kip remained in the last stage and the final was twice, With Yihune and Kimeli fighting for victory in the 100m race that the Kenyans decided in their favour, and he also arrived very refreshed and joking at the finish line after a really tough race.

The two-year wait after the last release was suspended due to the pandemic has fueled the sports hunger of local fans, who have come in droves to the venues. Mintxeta . Stadium The occasion is enabled for the occasion of a full sporting day.

The women’s race was also amazing. As the rains continued, a pool of female candidates was initially formed, with nine African women with options for the final win and the England team, which also ousted top-level runners, into the background from the start. Edinah Jebitok, winner of the Bath Sale three weeks ago and Olympian in the Tokyo Games, has shown that she should be counted on in the future because she has great potential. He only had to increase his pace after ten minutes of running to pick up all his buddies.

Gebituk measured his strength well, continuing alone out of the mud with every step, while pushing his opponents away as a specialist in the 1500 metres, a distance that seemed short for the strength of the young African from 20 years This Sunday, he received his Ph.D. on a respectable 7.6-kilometre route.

Beatrice Chebet, his compatriot and big favorite to win, should be content with second place, with no possibility to discuss the victory of Jepetok, while Prisca Chisang Complete the African podium.

Ranked 78th in Cross International Guibar – MEMORIAL MUGUERZA.
1.- Nicholas Kimele (Kenya) 33:48 min.
2- Adissu Yihune (Ethiopia), with a time of 4 seconds.
3.- Rogers Kibet (Uganda) with a time of 6 seconds.
4.- Adel Mishaal (Spain) minute 1.
1.- Edina Jepetok (Kenya) 26:02 min.
2.- Beatrice Shebet (Kenya) for 20 seconds.
3.- Priska Chisang (Uganda) at 30 Segundo.

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