Auctions medal for Belarusian athlete to help other athletes


Belarusian athlete exiled in Poland Kristina Tsimanskaya A medal was sold on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 for $21,000 USD Minsk and 2019 And that he decided to auction off to help other persecuted athletes in his country.

The buyer who identified himself as i want you, outperformed other bids on the online auction site where Tsimanouskaya was bidding silver medal won in european games 2019, In the 4 x 100 meter relay event.

In the data collected by the mediator Independent Belarus, the medal buyer stated that he had been a resident of Ukraine for 30 years in the United States.

He asserted that he was not interested in politics and that he was neither a collector nor an athlete, but made it clear that he wanted to help “as an act of solidarity with people like him and his family, who found themselves one day in a foreign country where there was someone who helped them. Without expecting anything in return.”

Solidarity Foundation with Belarusian sport, who helped Tsimanouskaya, explained in a statement that he agreed with the buyer to donate the cup to Museum of Free BelarusThe medal will be displayed in a traveling exhibition Poland.

August 4 Tsimanoskaya Came to me Poland After leaving the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games out of fear of reprisals from his country for criticizing the sports administration of his superiors.

The 24-year-old athlete, who in doing so has become a symbol of the democratic opposition fighting the authorities Minsk abroad, has already started the procedures for obtaining Polish citizenship to continue his sports career in Poland.

Orlin, the most important Polish sports club in Poland, decided to sign Tsimanoskaya The runner has already competed several times under this sponsorship.

In recent interviews, a Belarusian athlete She stated that she is guarded “at all times” by six Polish bodyguards.

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