‘Benefit from the Santos Club?’ I intend to stay in Emelec and achieve the goals, get rid of Joao Rojas | National Championship | Sports

‘Benefit from the Santos Club?’  I intend to stay in Emelec and achieve the goals, get rid of Joao Rojas |  National Championship |  Sports

Joao Rojas’ schedule rarely allows for casual encounters. But there are moments and moments. On Wednesday as he was preparing to leave for training day, Electrician “10” decided to park his car for the media who were waiting outside the Los Samanes complex for players’ impressions.

“I didn’t know it, I just learned from you, but what can I tell you… I have already said a resounding yes (to Emelec), capable of changing many things in such a short time but my intention is,” he declared, after being asked about rumors linking him to the Santos team. for football.

“I also intend to help the club that I love, which I admire, and I always intend for the club to benefit from any negotiation. The only thing that affects me is to wait and, God willing, what happens.”

Although Rojas Emelec did not acknowledge an official offer from the United States, the father of the 24-year-old midfielder would have been tempted by an approach from DC United at MLS at the start of the year.

In 2020 and 2021, there was speculation that New York City would move from the same MLS without Emelec publicly expressing his desire to move him.

This year, after certain rumors of a possible departure of the player from Ourense, the electrical panel announced in a statement that it is not transferable in 2022.

Regarding the inquiry about Santos FC directed by Fabian Bustos (former Barcelona coach), Rojas explained: “Because of the offer problem, I think it is the third time that my father has decided to continue at the club.”

“It always went through my hands, the ball was always in my court and I decided to go on to Emelec. The truth is that one of the most complicated decisions I made, because coming out was one yes away from finishing, was making the decision that this group is more complete, and that my left hand Much stronger with Bruno, with Angel and Jackson. There are so many options to deal with, the equipment and reinforcements that have arrived. That’s what makes me so excited to get the Libertadores Cup,” he noted.

He also expressed his desire to be called up to the national team and play in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“I will not talk about the World Cup because it is far from us, but in fact it was a decision to stay in the team, stay here and achieve goals,” he said. (Dr)

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