Biden will continue arrests and deportations of immigrant families: official – news, sports, rumors, columns


Despite US President Joe Biden’s pledge to end the detention of immigrant families and close the centers they are held in, a senior ICE official said the agency did. He is not planning to end this practice.

“The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department maintains the family detention system,” the official told NBC News on condition of anonymity. We will not close family detention centers. “

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Last week, the Democratic Administration unveiled a plan to detain immigrants for less than 72 hours and not deport them, but the official said the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Administration will not impose this limit and will continue to detain families up to the legal limit of 20 days ordered by the court. … he told NBC that the number of beds in detention centers would be increased and most of them would be deported.

“The Biden administration has promised to stop the detention of families by private prison companies,” said Shalin Floharty, director of the Daily Project, which provides free legal services to families of detained immigrants. “This is not the fair and humane response that these vulnerable families deserve,” he commented on the American Network.

The increase in arrests at the border has put the Biden government in a bind.

US media reported that more than 3,200 immigrant children who arrived in the United States without the accompaniment of their parents or legal guardians are still in border custody and that about 1,400 of them have been detained beyond the legal limit of three days.

In light of this, former President Donald Trump accused Biden again of causing disaster on the border with Mexico, while Florida’s attorney general announced a lawsuit against immigration officials to neutralize immigration changes.

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