By mistake, Microsoft is inviting to hack Mario Kart 64 using browser extensions


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Technology has come a long way, to the point that we can now play classic titles almost anywhere, although this isn’t always completely legal. Actually recently Microsoft He fell into a small controversy online as he inadvertently invited Edge users to hack Mario Kart 64.

The thing is, the official Edge developer account shared a tweet promoting browser extensions. Among them were to play classic titles like Pac-ManAnd the Tetris s Mario Kart.

You can see the guides below:

What caused the controversy is that the extension is permitted Mario Kart 64 It doesn’t have Nintendo approval and also download ROM for the game to work. On the other hand, the version of the Tetris Available is a clone that does not have the official license to be named. This is why it is all about hacking and some users have referred to Microsoft.

Microsoft has already removed the social media post

Hacking is not something Microsoft supports. In fact, with services like Xbox Game Pass, they’re proving to be something they want to fight by making content accessible to their community. That’s why the company removed the post.

The above also tells us that this news does not represent Microsoft’s values. It was just an unfortunate situation where the social media manager got excited about something and didn’t think twice before posting.

Now stretch Mario Kart 64 It’s still available in Edge. We’ll see if Microsoft pulls it off due to piracy.

And what do you think of this unfortunate post? What do you think of the punishment received by the responsible person? Tell us in the comments.

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