Campo returns to the track with his sights in Paris 2021


Alfredo Campo greets the new year in Okeehelle, in a West Palm Beach de la Florida, USA to that city he moved with his wife, Anna Maria CrespoAs part of your preparation for the first time Skill 2022.

His run will be on January 15th for the tournament UCI Sunshine State National. It will be his return to the BMX track after undergoing surgery due to complications in laces From his right knee, after a fall in Olympic Games from Tokyo.

The 28-year-old Ecuadorean ignored the possibility of an Olympic medal in Like in a BMX. He finished fifth and came to Ecuador with an Olympic certificate. He was one of the most prominent figures in the country behind the cyclist Richard Carapaz (Gold Medalist) Weightlifting Neisi Dajomes (gold) and Tamara Salazar (paying off).

In that competition, the greatest a man can aspire to. AthleteHe had a fall that injured him. When he returned to Ecuador, he went to the doctors Who recommended that you take a break and have tests to determine if you need to process.

Campo, finally, entered the operating room and spent the past five months in an operation Recovery in the country. “It’s been a long time, but I always had the support of my relatives, and now I feel good and the same desire to compete,” Azuyo said via a video call with this newspaper.

The gold medalist in Bolivarian GamesAnd South america s for Pan American 2019, with this race in Florida, will begin his way to qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. “We are convinced we will make it to Paris.”

Campo speaks in the plural for his goal, because he considers his team to have the same thing in common purpose. his wife I am Maria is your master ally, because it is also a part of it work group.

Crespo helps the coach technically Thomas Aliwho is an athlete. The Ecuadorean performs technical analysis in a program and depicts competitions
of a cyclist.

Both of them always accompany him to auditions, since Athlete Does not have a Multidisciplinary team big. Its main support is Shepherds.

In his first race of 2022, Campo wants his car back adrenaline To maneuver your bike and test your fitness level. The athlete wants to reach BMX world, scheduled for July, in France. It is one of the 20 races he plans to interfere in all season.

For this reason, a large part of 2022 will pass United State, although it will take turns agenda with Travel a EcuadorWhere are their relatives?

In the UCI Sunshine State National Championship, he will compete with his own brand of bike, Alcavi. His bike has been with him since 2019 and he won the Pan American gold with it and also competed in Japan.

The bike is assembled in Canada By technicians from that country. He wants it to be mass-produced as of March for sale in the United States and in the country. It’s part of your Personal Entrepreneurship This goes hand in hand with his career, in which he dreams of climbing the Olympic podium.

Your strongest competitor in that dream? In response to a question from this newspaper, “It will be the Americans, the French and the other Europeans I have faced with in recent years.”

Wants Young Follow his example, and with this bicycleReach the podiums in international tournaments. “I want kids to feel my passion in BMX,” he says AthleteWhich, in addition to his bicycle, which bears the number 593, is the Ecuadorian code for international calls, which he exhibited in Tokyo.

Campo is satisfied with the 2021 season in which he received his Olympic diploma, although his ambition was to reach the medal.

Keep in mind that in 2019, when he reached the gold medal in for Pan AmericanIt was also a good year in his life career path.

However, it indicates that his passage Like You will not forget it. “I fell and went back to compete. It was better than winning a medal,” says the athlete, who came out at the age of sixteen. Ecuador to go live there United StateWhich allowed him to enhance his abilities Professional life. It is estimated that if he stayed there
The country will not reach the elite BMX.

Personal Biography

Alfredo Campo was born in Cuenca on March 2, 1993. He participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Tokyo 2020 + 1. He won the silver medal at the 2015 Pan American Championships and the gold in Lima 2019. He was the fifth in Tokyo.

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