Sports University: Presentation of Manuel Barreto as the new head of the technical unit of the Palace | League 1


go home. Manuel Barretto He was officially appointed on Wednesday by the University of Sports as the new head of the technical unit of the Palace, thus sealing his return to the club where he made his debut as a footballer.

“Hello Manuel! Our new head of the technical unit for the junior divisions has signed a two-year contract with our club in the presence of Jean Ferrari, Rector of the University”, detailing the Merengo Foundation through a statement.

Manuel Barretto He succeeds Argentine Eduardo Espona, who served in this position during 2021. His association with the club for the next two seasons.

Manuel Barreto returns to university

During his time as a footballer, he worked in the lower divisions of the university, and made his professional debut as a striker for the ‘U’ team in 1998 at the age of 16. Manuel Barretto He remained at the institution until 2006 and only four years later withdrew due to a spinal injury.

He then began preparing to be a football coach and spent a short stint at university in 2015 when he led the U18 team in the Regional FA Cup, in which he reached second place.

His career continued at Sporting Crystal, where he had an impressive course through the minor and reserve classes, and achieved their respective titles. He took over the professional Celestial cast between 2019 and 2020, taking third place in the first year.

During 2021, he managed Deportivo Cupsol in League 2 and the Bicentennial Cup, a competition in which he faced and eliminated Universitario. Manuel Barretto He entered university after three months in Italy where he was training.

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