Can you know the location of the contact without sending it to you?


On The WhatsApp There is a possibility to share with your friends or family Location, Even in real time, but it might also be possible to know the location of the contact without sharing it.

Despite this Function It can be very helpful to be able to help a person in danger, it is very important to remember that if the situation does not justify this, then this would be a violation of not only privacy rules but also of the other person’s trust

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The vulnerability was discovered in the platform recently because there are always people interested in finding these types of errors to take advantage of it.

So, with the following steps, you will be able to know the location of one of your contacts without sending them to you. However, before trying it, it is important to consider some requirements.

The first is that the gambit should take place in Windows 10, however, it is possible that the company fixed the security issue upon trying.

In addition to that, you have to do this through WhatsApp Web and make sure that the person you want to locate uses it as well.

Having said that, what you should do is open WhatsApp Web on your computer and hit Control + Alt + Del keys.

After that, the task manager will appear, once you press Win + R to open Run, then type cmd then in the terminal you have to type netstat-an and hit Enter.

To finish you have to enter this website and put in the IP address. After that, you will be shown the location of your contact immediately, which will be close and not the real time location.

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