Captain of the seven Chilean Rugby Championships and the 2022 World Cup in South Africa: ‘Expectations are high’ | Sports

Captain of the seven Chilean Rugby Championships and the 2022 World Cup in South Africa: ‘Expectations are high’ |  Sports

Chilean rugby team 7 captain Felipe Pranger spoke to BioBioChile about the team’s expectations for next September’s World Cup in South Africa.

Chilean rugby will wear its clothes this coming September. The Sevens national team will be part of the ‘Cape Town 2022’ World Cup, in South Africa, an event for which they qualified last November when Latin American side Costa Rica finished second.

Argentina and Uruguay will represent South America at the event at Cape Town Stadium. The defending champion is New Zealand, who in 2018 in the United States beat England in the final.

Chile will participate for the second time in a row in the World Cup Finals. In the edition four years ago, the national team narrowly fell in Round 1 against Ireland (12-17) and played in the Bowl, which determined the places from 17 to 20, and won that competition by defeating Tonga (33-29), Uganda (20-17 ) and Hong Kong (20-7).

In the face of what’s to come, the captain of the national team, Felipe Pranger, announced that Biobio Chile That “Expectations are high. There is an improvement in the results and scores of the previous World Cup. We won the tournament, ranked 17th, and we are now making the same effort as before or more so that we can repeat or improve this history.”

“We are confident. Today things in rugby are much better than before. There is a semi-professional program, in some professional cases, which gave the possibility to give an exclusive dedication to the players and was seen on the field, with performances and results. “Today there are more tangible tools,” he added.

The Prince of Wales Country Club (PWCC) player took some time to point out continuous progress Witnessed by the national rugby team, the Sevens participated in the World Cup Finals for the second time in a row and “Cóndores XV” seeks to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in their history through the playoffs.

“It’s basically the results and the foundations that were built in pursuit of a program that provided all the tools it had, with as many items as the federation had so players had more, better tools to prepare, and better time to prepare for rugby,” he noted.

Around personal goalsThe center noted, “I am aiming to achieve our goals, especially this year’s World Cup, and reach the Pan American Championship 2023 to finish my career in the best way. This will be my fourth Pan American, I will retire at around the age of 35. Hopefully this progresses well and the team arrives.” Also in the best way in these events.”

In conclusion, Pranger emphasized that at this point in his career he was dedicated to it Share the experience With younger and younger, in order to accommodate the sport of the elliptical and encourage what could be a new generation of high-profile athletes.

“I am entering that stage where I must begin to exchange and transfer experiences. My career is closer to the end than to its climax. I have had to engage the local communities, even back to what my school was, to convey to the boys how through sport one can learn, develop, and grow , maturity, and create an environment conducive to life. I am so glad I passed it on,” he judged.

Outstanding performances by Philippe Pranger in his career. –

2011: Pan American Games in Guadalajara (Mexico): 5th place

2014: South American Games Santiago (CHI): bronze medal

2015: Toronto American Games: 5th place

2017: Bolivian Games Santa Marta (Colorado): gold medal

2018: Circuit de South America (URU/CHI): 4th place and World Cup qualification

2018: Cochabamba (BOL) South American Games: gold medal

2018: World Cup in San Francisco (USA): 17th place – Bowl champion

2019: Pan American Games Lima: 5th place

2021 Latin America San Jose (CRC): Vice Champion and World Cup Qualification

2022 World Cup Cape Town (RSA): Held between September 9-11, 2022.

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