Immigrants are hired informally – El Sol de México

Immigrants are hired informally – El Sol de México

according to International Organization for Migration (IOM)90 percent of employment immigrants In our country this is done through unregulated private agencies. Those hired to work in Mexico are, for the most part, placed in three sectors: agriculture, tourism, and domestic work.

Employment practices for workers immigrants In Mexico, they are not regulated by a national regulatory framework that supports ethical recruitment, so most of these practices are developed in the informal sector, “ International Organization for Migration In its report, Employment Practices of Migrant Workers in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

.In the past top of the americasthe government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised to hire 60,000 immigrants General, despite the fact that our country lacks a national regulation on employment practices and has not complied with international obligations such as the ratification of Convention 181 of International Labor Organization (ILO)About private recruitment agencies.

a report International Organization for Migration Warns of cases of bribery, especially of contractors and/or intermediaries, of government agents located on the southern border, with the aim of avoiding immigration operations The ability to reach the workplace without processing any work permit.

“Many informal recruitment practices lead to fraudulent acts that increase the vulnerability of workers immigrantsand make it difficult to adequately monitor and regulate labor migration flows,” the document states.

In addition, they are deceived by promises of decent working conditions and higher wages than they receive.

Although the Mexican government did not detail what the recruitment procedures were for up to 20,000 Guatemalans, they decided to stick to the first phase of the new law. Temporary Employment Program which is expected to come into operation from 2023 as a measure to reduce immigration To the United States, 6,761-year-olds went to work for up to 12 months in southeastern Mexico (Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo) under the agreement signed between the two countries in 2014, through travel agencies. , according to information from the Guatemalan Employment Mobility Administration.

According to the report of the International Organization for MigrationThe immigrants Those who find work in Mexican territory are placed, for the most part, in three sectors: agriculture, tourism, and domestic work.

In agriculture, employment practices prevail in the country of origin, while in domestic work and tourism, the majority of workers prevail immigrants They are employed in the country of destination, that is, in Mexico. The main source of posting job vacancies is through family, friends and sometimes online social networks.

Among the major risks associated with hiring practices in Mexico, International Organization for Migration Determines the collection of costs associated with recruitment and the absence of contracts or documents that allow workers immigrants They demand that their rights be guaranteed.

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The report focuses on employment immigrant women In domestic work, who lack labor protection when working in private homes. “The influx of domestic workers has a long tradition in your limitsr from Mexico, consisting mainly of Women Young people from western Guatemala who cross the border Every day to work in Mexico and return to their places of origin. It asserts that these women lack any labor protection as they are orally employed in private homes.”

In the opinion of Javier Urbano, an expert on immigration issues, the prevalence of informal recruitment processes increases the risk immigrants They are included in the informal economy, they are more vulnerable to situations of exploitation, forced and bonded labor, as well as receive wages below the established minimum.

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