Cecil Agoto, Kenyan school teacher in Pamplona: “People in Africa are very open to God” – Midday COPE

Cecil Agoto, Kenyan school teacher in Pamplona: “People in Africa are very open to God” – Midday COPE

In “Non Kobe” We have met a A Kenyan yeshiva named Cecil Agoto, who is studying theology at the University of Pamplona thanks to a scholarship from the CARF Foundation. He is originally from a rural town of 30,000 people located 15 kilometers from Lake Victoria, near the southwestern borders with Uganda and Tanzania. It is called Kagan and most of its inhabitants are of pagan religionsHowever, the number of Catholics has been growing for decades and already amounts to 10%. It’s a common trend across Africa, where every year there are 5 million more Catholics than ever before, according to the Church’s statistical yearbook.

Cecil has a dream of getting enough money To build a hospital, school and church Back home: “In Pamplona I have a wonderful experience Kenyan seminarian Cecil Agoto said in “Mediodía COPE”: “Missionaries arrived in my provinces 93 years ago and started evangelizing, but my city was very far from the first parish in my area. 3 years ago the bishop set up a new parish in my town and we have to build everything from scratch “.

Cecil explained that his town is in a deep rural area where they also need a clinic and a school. “This is how we take care of people’s health and education,” Cecil told COPE. “The increase in the number of believers in Africa owes much to the tremendous effort of the missionaries who arrived from Europe, setting up churches, schools, and hospitals to care for the people. That was a very strong base for the increase of Catholics in Africa.. We are now reaping the fruits of this tremendous work of the early missionaries. “People here are very open to God,” Cecil Agoto said at COPE.

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