Chapters of the wonderful series that the platforms have deleted to provoke controversy

Chapters of the wonderful series that the platforms have deleted to provoke controversy

Times change and, for some people, those things that are morally tolerable before they become reprehensible. Reviewing the values ​​of the past is common in our history, and audiovisual culture is no exception.

There is a series that for years was seen as an innocent product for the whole family, and now, after seeing some parts again, it has sparked controversy among sections of the audience. Racism, machismo, homophobia, classism and other types of discrimination that people were more tolerant of long ago, now they are not.

The Office was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, for Best Comedy Actor and Best Comedian for its lead star Steve Carell.


platforms flow They were considered guarantors of this kind of value, and in order not to stir up controversy, they removed chapters of some legendary TV series from their catalog. Satisfying some people, while leaving some historical productions almost lame.

“The Office” and jokes about racism

One of the most criticized series was DeskComedy Central decided to ban two chapters in the United States. A decision not shared by Netflix Spain, where the series can be watched. Racism was the main reason for the review.

reviewed and criticized

The Office has been reviewed and criticized many times


In the ninth episode of season nine, Dwight made a “black face”, painting himself black to look African American. This is something within the series that is taken as reprehensible, and the character is a satirical vision of a reprehensible person. But the comedy channel preferred not to risk it and withdraw it.

The second chapter of the series titled Diversity DayAlso removed from the series. In it, Michael Scott makes a great deal of racist jokes. This scene is made to criticize the absurdity of the main character, in fact, those who listen to the jokes end up terrified, but the network preferred to eliminate them.

The Simpsons erases Michael Jackson’s footprint

There have been things about The Simpsons for a long time, and Apu’s presence in the series was quite controversial and they ended up removing the character in the new chapters. But there is a chapter that Disney+ has decided to remove from the catalog for being somewhat controversial.

In the first episode of the third season, he called Dad, rave crazyThe guest star was Michael Jackson, though he appeared in the credits under a pseudonym and in class, posing as a character posing in a mental health center. When was the documentary released? Leaving NeverlandAs several people claimed that they had been sexually assaulted by the singer, they removed the episode from the platform.

Disney scans the trail of The Simpsons episode

Disney scans the trail of The Simpsons episode

Disney +

Criticizing ‘Golden Girls’ and ‘Society’ for ‘Black Face’

in a season golden girls titled Mixed blessing, Two of the film’s heroes paint their faces in black. Something considered a crime against the black community, especially in the United States. Black impersonation by darkening the skin, even when it’s a joke, is something that has been much condemned in recent years, especially with movements like Black Lives Matters.

Hulu has decided to remove this chapter from its platform to avoid controversy. Something he was not able to do, because many other people were offended by this decision and thought that this so-called “censorship” should never be exercised.

Blackface is considered a discriminatory act


Netflix made the same decision with the class Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In it, one of the characters painted his face in black and his hair was painted white. It does not matter that the rest of the personalities criticized his position and explicitly described it as racist. The Be Silent It was heavily criticized and the statute removed the dismissal if it occurred.

The complete demise of ‘Little Britain’

One of the most controversial and infamous news on this topic is the massive deletion of the entire series A little bit of Britain. Racism, transphobia, homophobia and other types of discrimination were the main part in many of the jokes in this series. This was intended to be a satirical reflection on a part of British society. The creators wanted to criticize these types of characters, but they themselves realized that they would do it differently today.


Little Britain was a schematic show that messed with it all.

third parties

The BBC, the series on which the series was broadcast, was the first to remove episodes from its platform. Later, Netflix followed suit and did the same globally. This led to a discussion on social networks about the limits of humor and the critical attitude of viewers when they see any kind of content.

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