Chayanne and Bono are the voices of Clay, the lion, in the movie Sing 2′ | cinema | entertainment

Chayanne and Bono are the voices of Clay, the lion, in the movie Sing 2′ |  cinema |  entertainment

In 2016, Only talent and their love of music pushed them to save the stage They liked very much. but now in The second installment of the animated film sing (international studios)You will meet this diverse and attractive group of animals The healing power that music can bring to even the most devastated of heart. Ecuadoreans can enjoy it from the day in local cinemas.

On this occasion, the new game heroes have A mission to create a great show in Las Vegas; But to ensure their success, they will do their best to add to their team the Lion Clay Calloway, Who will have the voice of the singer in English bondand in Spanish, from Puerto Rico Qian. The only problem is that Clay has been away from the stage fifteen years ago due to the sadness and grief that haunts him.. Will they make him change his mind?

For this sequel, the A-list stars who were already part of the original film are back: Matthew McConaugheyAnd the Reese WitherspoonAnd the Scarlett JohanssonNick Kroll, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Nick Offerman and join, among others, to the singers. Hailey And the Pharrell Williams With new characters.

Singing is very important to many peopleEven those who don’t sing in bands or sing at the local pub. People sing in the car and in the bathroom they walk. Music means a lot to peopleBono commented in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter And advanced in it additionally Subject composed Your song saved my lifeexclusively for the movie.

QianThe artist, who was invited to be the voice of Clay in Spanish, admitted in a recent interview that he accepted the proposal immediately, as He felt very much in line with the situation his character was going throughfeelings that Compared to the grief that overwhelmed Puerto Rico when his mother died in 2014.

It’s my pleasure to give a voice to Clay Calloway, a superstar Stone legendary. Just join me soon in theaters song 2″, he also wrote on his Instagram account with a trailer for the movie.

Colombian women Gracie Rendon He also joins the project with the character Crystal Porscheand members Ha *ashHanna Nicole and Ashley Grace, will be the voices Rosetta And the ash.

According to early reviews of the film, Its sequel does not depart from the spirit of the originalany It is a positive for those who want to enjoy a similar show. However, they maintain that the heart of the second part is How the group of characters overcome their fears while performing different musical performances It will captivate the little ones with a collection of catchy and recognizable songs.

The artists bring new energy to popular themes that come to life in their animal characters. It’s always about more Displays Visual from the depth of the narrative, a strategy that works on a family tape. If you like the first, you’ll likely enjoy the second,” summarizes the entertainment site IGN.

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