Chelsea confirms agreement to sell Todd Boehle | football | Sports

Chelsea confirms agreement to sell Todd Boehle |  football |  Sports

The Chelsea confirmed on Saturday that they have reached an agreement About Terms Buying and selling From the club to the group he leads American Todd PohleyCo-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and a shareholder of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Operation valued throughout 4.25 billion pounds ($5.244 million)After Chelsea’s former owner, Roman Abramovich, offered the club for sale before he was punished for his links to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a statement from Chelsea, the Consortium led by Boehlyof which investment firm Clearlake Capital is also a part, It will pay about $3,085 million of dollars On Chelsea’s behaviour.

who – which The amount will be paid to the UK escrow account To be donated entirely to humanitarian causes, Abramovich announced upon reporting his departure from the club.

Prior permission from the UK Government is required to transfer funds to the final recipients.

also Part of the financial package from the process of others 2,159 million dollars What are the new owners obligated? To invest in the club.

That money will go to Stamford Bridge works (one of the oldest in the English Premier League), club’s academy, women’s team or organization.

Chelsea adds it The process is expected to be completed by the end of Maywhen all relevant licenses have been received by the British Government and the Premier League.

Together with Boehly and Clearlake Others, like American Millionaire, are also part of the buying group. Mark Walteralso a co-owner of the Dodgers, or a Swiss magnate Hansorg Weiss.

since Chelsea It has been put up for sale private license Forcing him to impose significant restrictions that expire on May 31.

Chelsea Rails, the English bank freezes his accounts

Obviously, neither the Premier League nor the CEO is expected to put obstacles in the way of completing a process that will restore normality to the West London side after a few months of severe turmoil.

to me BBCThe Future owners could have made guarantees that they would stay at the helm of the club for a decadeto counter suspicions raised by the presence of a venture capital firm like Clearlake in the consortium.

Another potential obligation of the winning bid is not to distribute a dividend during a period.

With Chelsea’s announcement The race for Chelsea ownership ends which has been linked in one way or another to many of the greatest fortunes of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Premier League ‘excludes’ Roman Abramovich as Chelsea coach

In extreme cases, Chelsea received an exorbitant offer from the UK’s richest man, Ineos CEO Jim Ratcliffe, but was automatically turned down for arriving after the deadline.

The process also became entangled at the last minute over fears that Abramovich would demand from the new owners to repay 1,500 million pounds (1,800 million euros) in loans to Chelsea in recent years, but the Russian oligarch itself on Thursday denied doing so. He. She. (Dr)

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