Chess Olympiad: Cuban teams appear for the first time in Chennai

Chess Olympiad: Cuban teams appear for the first time in Chennai

Cuban teams participating in the 44th Chess Olympiad won all their matches on the opening day of the competition, which began Friday in the Indian city of Chennai.

In the open tournament, which brings together teams without distinction of gender, the Cuban representation won by a score of 4×0 over the Myanmar hidden team, as expected due to the difference in quality between both selected teams, Indicates Agency Latin Press (PL).

Grand Master (GM) and current National Champion Yasir Quesada defeated Mong Kyaw Zaw Heen Maung on the first board with white pieces. General Manager Carlos Daniel Burnoz, in black, to Han Thiha Sai; General Motors Luis Ernesto Quesada, in transparent foil, to Lin Tun Nye; and GM Isan Ortiz, in dark cut, to Myat Aung Kyaw, outlines the post.

For their part, the Cubans also beat Uganda by 4×0 in the women’s division. In this duel, the victories went to Lisandra Ordaz of white against the Beninah Nakabu; Recibel Miranda in black in front of Empire’s partner; Yaniela Forgas with clear personalities against Gloria Nansobuga, and Enyija Hernandez also in black against Patricia Kauma.

In the open section, the US strong team, ranked first in the competition with a rating of Elo 2771, lost half a unit to Angola, ranked 93, in what they ranked as the biggest surprise on the opening day, according to what they ranked. for professionals.

Grand Master Levon Aronian, of Armenian descent, tied in black on the first plate against Angolan international master David Silva, while GM Wesley So, Cuban nationalist Lenier Dominguez and Samuel Shankland triumphed at the following tables.

Host India (2696) easily beat Zimbabwe 4×0 and Norway (2692) who rested their star and world champion Magnus Carlsen, and also lost half a unit to Lebanon, at the start of the open section activities, review. PL.

Among the women, the favorite local team beat Tajikistan 4×0, while strong rivals from Ukraine crushed South Africa 4×0 and Georgia eliminated Iraq evenly.

This Saturday, the activities of the world competition, in which the traditional selections of Russia and China are absent, will continue. On the second date of the event, Cuba’s main cast will have Nigeria as its contender, while the women will face Moldova.

The Cubans, who entered the Olympics with a combined ILO rating of 2,552 units and are 32nd in the standings, are the clear candidates to overtake the Nigerians (2263), who are 78th on the FIDE list. ).

The Cubans – who ranked 2324 in 14th place in the competition – are the favorites to compete over their current rivals, who are 53rd in the world ranking, with an average of 2033 points.

The 44th edition of the FIDE Olympiad which is now being held in India has recorded a record-breaking record of 186 participating countries, 350 teams and more than 1,700 chess players.

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