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Although most of the entertainment press has made it clear that soccer player Gerard Pique and singer Shakira are about to terminate a severance agreement that includes financial support from soccer player Barranquilla and that the children live in Miami, And the newspaper “La Vanguardia” in Barcelona, ​​on Friday, published, quoting sources close to the artist, that “this is not true.”

What is parting?

Amid the constant signs of Pique being rejected in Barcelona’s US matches, very little has been known about the progress of the separation talks with Shakira.

So far, without any support, some entertainment portals have concluded that Pique can go play in Inter Miami to be close to his children, who are supposed to live in Florida with his mother.

Now, “La Vanguardia” explains, “There is no truth in that. Negotiations are continuing and are still difficult.”

“The proposal of the agreement is on the table but the Colombian artist did not fully accept the proposals of the footballer and vice versa. In any case, they assure La Vanguardia that the economic aspects have not even begun to be discussed: everything is now revolving around him. The care and custody of the minorsreads the signed note by Andrés Guerra.

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what’s coming

Pique and Shakira

As is known, the lawyers of both stars are planning to meet in the first week of August.

Meanwhile, Pique is one match away from ending Barcelona’s US tour. For her part, Shakira is still on vacation with her two children Milan and Sasha in North America.

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