Laporta showed his chest and no longer rules out Messi or signs him

Laporta showed his chest and no longer rules out Messi or signs him

Joan Laporta is satisfied and happy after the large number of engagements he makes. The president benefited from the club’s corporate and promotional events during the tour United State To review the work done in the sports field and respond to critics with its management. Laporta is so happy and feeling so strong after the arrival of Ravenha, Lewandowski, Conde, Casey, Christensen and the renewal of Dembele that he is no longer ruling out even the recovery of Leo Messi, who could not renew it last year due to economic problems.

Leo’s phase didn’t end the way we all wanted it to. He ended up being very conditioned by economic issues. we have one moral religion with him in this regard. Chief explained about Messi. “That’s the aspiration. Nothing speaks volumes. I feel a shared responsibility for this ending. I think it’s a temporary end and I think we’re going to make that ambition a reality.” Laporta Once again he publicly announced the return of Rosario.

He also responded to criticism by using an event in Manhattan to promote the agreement the club signed with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Laporta replied to Nagelsmann, which questioned Barcelona’s ability to invest a lot of money in transfers. «What I would like to ask is that you look at your checking account, they received big money for Lewandowski’s transfer. I respect everyone and don’t get into other people’s economy.”

He was strong in defending the club: “It gave the critics the benefit of the doubt that they might have thought we couldn’t, but they didn’t measure the strength of Barcelona and the strength of the new board. It is ignorance and lack of information about our club. The jacks They have greatly strengthened the entity. We’ve already turned the page. Barcelona has over 120 years of history and assets of great value. Much higher value than other club assets, which have their value. As for TV rights for 25 years and not for 50 as others have suggested, we’ve counted it out 667 million and a half, Do you understand me? So we are doing well. I would have preferred not to have to do it, but I had to because it was necessary and football doesn’t wait. Barcelona fans, fortunately, are used to it and our demands are higher than those of others. We have over 400 million fans who ask us the most. Everyone knows what to do, and if I don’t share what others are doing, I’ll ask them to. Do not mess in what we do. We will compete in this area and we will see who has done more and better. I don’t say it with the intent of arguing, but they are worried about themselves.”

Laporta concluded by emphasizing that this investment does not lead the club to become sad: “It is an amount Don’t be in danger Neither the present nor the future nor the legal form of the club. As long as I am president, it will surely continue like this, and I am here to ensure that it continues.”

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