Chinese routers with WiFi 7 are fake

Chinese routers with WiFi 7 are fake

Recently, there has been a lot of news coming from China about developing their own devices. Among the most recent products introduced or announced are a couple of routers who benefit from itfor Wi-Fi 7. The funny thing is that WiFi 7 technology had to start It will be implemented in 2024. There are no compatible processors in production, what do you sell?

To summarize, WiFi 7 provides higher transmission rate and longer coverage distances. But it is not the only improvement, it will support more concurrent users and increase reliability. It is expected to become a widespread reality by mid-2024.

Are Chinese WiFi 7 routers real?

The truth is, China’s efforts to launch its own devices are interesting. They aim to stop relying on hardware and technology developed by American companies, such as Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD. Patented technologies could be used, which would prevent commercialization outside of China.

They announced Router H3C Magic BE18000who will be the first to submit Wi-Fi support 7. There is no official release date yet, but it could be in 2023. But is it really possible to launch it next year?

This router, as shown, is It will be based on Qualcomm SoC, for which no further information was provided. that we know, Qualcomm You have 4 chips available for tech Wi-Fi 7. But these processors It has not yet been produced And they are him professional part. This means that some aspects of these chips are polished.

Some information indicates that mass production can start in the first half of 2023. If the deadlines are met, the second half of 2023 We can see th first products. But these first products will be for the professional sector, not for the domestic one.

Qualcomm SoCs have been developed specifically for professional routers. We won’t see Commercial solutions until 2024. It is then expected that the first routers will arrive as well as the first smartphones and laptops with WiFi 7.

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Marketing more than anything else

It is possible that they have developed commercial routers based on this new wireless communication standard. But, it seems too complicated to have them launch, as it went down, during the first half of 2023. For now, Qualcomm hasn’t introduced its commercial chips for WiFi 7, only the Pro models.

Surely in China, like many other companies, they already have access to previous versions of chips for WiFi 7. And this is quite normal, a certain number of chips of the advanced stage are produced so that they can start development. So they could have something ready or almost ready, but they can hardly launch it in 2023.

It also makes no sense to launch new generation routers if there aren’t any compatible ones. There are always those who want to get the latest technology, but it just doesn’t make sense to start getting these products.

In addition, it does not mean that it has any properties that would be interesting to the majority. It is designed to reproduce 4K and 8K content, as well as reduce latency in the game. There’s also talk of the familiar theme, the metaverse, though that’s not very relevant, because it doesn’t matter to anyone.

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