What is it and how is it activated?

What is it and how is it activated?

The WhatsApp He has it now “ignore mode” It is easy to activate Very useful for everyone who hates the sound of alerts and large groups, This way you won’t have more criticism for not joining but they won’t saturate your cell phone with message alerts either.

The application is constantly updated. We already saw How to read deleted messagestrick and switch to Send messages to yourselfAnd the forbidden words and more.

You have now extended the maximum number of members in a group But at the same time it has activated a function where you can avoid being notified of the constant messages that can be sent and your device does not stop ringing.

How to activate “ignore mode” in WhatsApp?

  • Open the group conversation that you want to mute.
  • Click on the profile picture where a menu with options will open.
  • Select “Mute” and “Forever”.
  • Maher! In this super simple way, you will activate the “Ignore Mode” function and will not make a sound when you receive a notification from the group.
  • secondly, Any group larger than 256 members will be automatically muted.

WhatsApp will never stop listening to its users and wants to remain the number one instant messaging app As I have done so far. There are some countries that prefer other platforms but in general about the world, WhatsApp has the crown and keeps it precisely because of its updates with the needs, tastes and suggestions of its users.

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