Chivas fixes his eyes on Julian Araujo


Despite winning outright on their first appearance in the tournament, they at Chivas are still analyzing the possibility of supporting their team at Clausura 2022.

That’s why their interest within Guadalajara for Julián Araujo, the Los Angeles Galaxy right-back who recently quit the United States national team for the first time with Gerardo Martino’s “Tri”, is gathering steam.

Sources close to Guadalajara have confirmed that in Verde Valley they have a priority to strengthen themselves in this positionAraujo is the lead as he is barely 20 and has already shown interesting virtues with the LA team, to the point where he was one of the Galaxy’s most active players over the past season.

In the match against Mazatlan, Chivas ranked Jesus Sanchez at right-back, but Chapo’s performance didn’t convince them at all. Which is why he has lost possession on several occasions to players like Carlos Cisneros or Isaac Brizuela, who were used to the position despite being strikers.

Chivas has all this month to search for the possibility of going to Araujo, but the situation that complicates his arrival is that he has an existing contract with the California team, which is why Guadalajara must open the checkbook for services Mexican America.

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