Christian Calix talks about his future: No contract in a marathon, rapprochement with other clubs and Real Spain de Vargas?

Christian Calix talks about his future: No contract in a marathon, rapprochement with other clubs and Real Spain de Vargas?

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

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Christian Calix is ​​one of the players left without a contract in Marathon. The 22-year-old confirms that his first choice will continue at Green Monster, but reveals his dealings with other clubs in the Honduran League.

When asked if one of those teams is Real Spain, the attacking midfielder laughed. He admits that he would like to be mentored again by Hector Vargas, with whom he has a great relationship, as he is the coach who He made his first division debut in 2017 They wear marathon colors.

The player from Olancho hopes to be able to meet with the Emerald Council in the coming days to determine his status, and says he has not spoken to coach Manuel Keosian. “I didn’t contact him, I’m waiting, they didn’t call me.”

He understands that the club is in the process of restructuring the team and is commenting on the matter The departure of a number of its owners Through social networks and media.

Calix recalls the difficult moments he experienced due to injuries, his short time abroad with Atlas Mexico and Real, the US kings, and also talks about the Honduran national team and the arrival of Diego Vazquez on the bench. Bicolor.

How is your contractual situation with the marathon?

My contract is now over, and I haven’t spoken to them yet. I’m waiting to see what happens.

Did you have an approach with the team for renewal?

No, I haven’t had a chance to talk to them yet, and I’ll see what happens over the course of the next week.

What do you want Do you want to stay in the team?

Everyone knows I’m a marathon, it feels special to me, but this is a job and let’s see what happens. I have a career ahead of me, I have to work so that everything goes well.

Have you been called up by other clubs in the National League?

Frankly, there were some convergences. I have to wait to see what happens.

Is anyone Real Spain? I say because there is Hector Vargas who debuted in a marathon …

very funny. Many people asked me because they know the relationship I have with the teacher, apart from football, I get on well with him. I can’t reveal anything yet, the first option will always be a marathon, I have a special feeling for the team and I will wait.

Christian Calix directed by Hector Vargas in Marathon.

Did your teacher Vargas call you to find out about your situation?

No, I haven’t spoken to him yet, he’s very busy because he’s going to have a very important game in the final on Sunday. I got along well with him, with his family, they are excellent people.

Do you want Vargas to guide him again?

Obviously, as a player, you always like to be with the best, and I think Vargas is one of the best coaches in the country and not because I say that, but because he showed it, the numbers support him.

What advice does your family give you?

My family is always supportive of the decision I make and it makes me so happy that they will always be there to support me, whether it goes well or not.

And from abroad, did you get offers?

It is not very difficult. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the necessary continuity, to go abroad more than anything else, the national team is where you can show yourself more than anything.

More about Christian Klicks

Your Journey Through the Atlas of Mexico

“He always took it on the positive side, one never stops learning, you get to know other places where football is completely different from ours and one experiences many things that we might not have here yet, like other cultures, other fields, another level.”

Appointed at Real Madrid

“I spent six months there at Real Monarchs, I came to a team that was already formed, and they already had half the championship. The truth is that I arrived without being pre-season, it is very difficult to compete in this way. I arrived very poorly physically because I could not play At Atlas, for me the player rule is to have a good start to get a good championship.”

After that loan, he went back to running the marathon. “I decided to come here to get minutes, and then the epidemic and injuries came, which is out of one’s hands, which they don’t want to happen because I wanted to give the best to the team and keep growing, it means being able to play.”

The footballer hopes to meet the marathon leadership in the coming days.


“The worst thing that can happen to a player is an injury. I’ve relapsed three times from the same injury and it has affected me emotionally and football but the important thing is that I’m in really great shape, wait and see what happens knowing I can do a lot of things.”

Negotiate with a marathon

“The team has not contacted me yet. I am waiting to see what happens, we have to negotiate. And to go abroad, you have to be in the national team where you can show yourself, and they can look at you outside.”

Honduran national team

“We are all excited to be in the national team. Unfortunately, I missed the pre-Olympics, which was a very great opportunity, and I couldn’t get there due to injury, but I am young and focused on doing things well at the club I have to be at.”


“He is a good coach, numbers are what guarantees him and he has done important things in a team called great like Motagua, it is a great institution in the country. I wish him success because he wears the most beautiful shirt in the world which is the shirt of the national team.”

“We all want to represent this shirt and always do it in the best way.”

Supporting the family in difficult times

“This is the most important thing, that the family always supports you in difficult times, and that has helped me a lot. My partner, my mother, my brothers have always been there to support me.”

Corporate exit at the marathon

I noticed this through networks and newspapers. In addition to football, they (Ovidiu Lanza, Friles Lopez, Luis Garrido) are excellent people, I am a social person and deal with most of them, they are great players. Garrido is an example to many because not everyone overcomes an injury of this magnitude, he almost lost a leg and now he plays as if nothing happened, he is a very hardworking player.”

Elimination of semiconductors against the real probe

“Those matches, the classics, we always want to win and more of it was for the classification (to the final), but we did a tournament that wasn’t very good, we got as far as we could.”

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