Latin surprises at the PGA Championship: Chilean Mito Pereira finished second behind the leader and will be in the final group.

Chilean Mito Pereira, in his first season on the PGA Tour, stunned the leader with 64 shots, very close to equaling the track record.

On a Friday it seemed like two different days in the South Hills. Those who played Thursday afternoon and Friday morning had the worst of the weather. The day had dawned with a gusty wind that made things very difficult, but in the afternoon the wind waned until the day ended with a sudden calm. Apparently the best scores appeared in the second part of the day.

The leader after 36 holes is a youngster who has yet to win in the ring, but he is one of the best players in the world from the tee to the green, which we said was the most important thing on this course. Should Zlatoris weigh less than 70kg However it is fascinating how far you go. His round of 65 strokes, without a bogeyman, is a true reflection of what a leader’s game is. From the tee to the green he took 5 more hits than the field average and in addition added a very good game with his racket, the weakest part of his game. Today will be a tough test for the leader because at some point he’s going to have those three-footeds left and then we’ll see if he’s ready to win.

Behind the leader appears another person who has not only won, but it’s his first season on the PGA Tour. We are talking about And Chilean Mito Pereira, who hit 64 on Friday, was very close to equaling the record on the field.. A player who won three championships in the second-tier professional golf league in the United States and this ensured that he reached the highest class. He showed week after week that he’s up there with the best and this PGA Championship is another example of that. He will definitely have the logical nerves for what it means to play in the latter group of major. The game is too much for him and he will just have to control his emotions.

Tiger Woods, undoubtedly in a good job by his physiotherapist, was able to keep racing despite the pain he was in on the first day
Tiger Woods, undoubtedly in a good job by his physiotherapist, was able to keep racing despite the pain he was in on the first day

The person who matches the record on the court, who also plays in the afternoon, is Bubba Watson. southpaw was a machine with his game on the field, he took 8+ shots to the field in that class, and with 63 shots he got into the fight for the title. He’s already won two of those majors, and the fact that his former holder had won the Masters with Scotty Scheffler was probably the motivation Watson needed. There’s also 2017 champion Justin Thomas and a two-card 67-stroke, he’s a serious candidate to lift the Wannamaker Cup once again. We just pointed out Schaeffler, and the world number one player had the bad part of his schedule and was disqualified from the tournament, which is similar to what happened to Dustin Johnson, who hasn’t found his best golf yet. Other big names who won’t be around this weekend include Garcia, Cantlie and Scott.

The great unknown of that day was seeing the work the physicists did on Tiger Woods’ body. These physicists must have studied at Hogwarts because only a few wizards could have moved Woods to a tee. Not much happened in the first nine holes, but the double bogey in 11 left it out of pieces. The heart of the great hero came out from there. A pair of sparrows and three equal saves put him back in the championship, and although he’s 12 times behind the leader, the important thing for Tiger today is to keep accumulating the competition rounds. This Saturday’s program is complete: tiger in the morning and bosses in the afternoon.

The skinny Will Zalatores led the second round, with a light physique but surprising for the range of his shots.
The skinny Will Zalatores led the second round, with a light physique but surprising for the range of his shots.

Rory McIlroy wasn’t the same on Thursday, and that probably would have happened. He fought all day except for one round that leaves him with good chances at the end of the week. If this is his worst tour of the Southern Hills, chances are he still stands.

The most important part of the week arrives and Two Latinos are in the top ten in the tournament. Added to Pereira is Mexican Abraham Anser, who played an impressive run and is level with McIlroy, 5 behind the leader. A court that adapts well to his game and a player who has a lot of experience and has already won the round. Another name to consider.

Much more than we expected happened in the South Hills. Only the forecast for strong winds throughout Friday failed, and noon was better than those in the morning. I always say it’s very hard to win, and a lot of times it doesn’t depend on what the player is doing. The starting time is by lottery, which clearly indicates that in addition to playing well, you must have the necessary share of luck to be able to raise the cup. There is still a long way to go and everyone is trying to do things right to get to the 10th tee on Sunday near the top. Only there where the 104th edition of the PGA Championship will begin to be dated.

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