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Fitness Trainer Juan Carlos Leon He is satisfied with the signatures of the Panamanians Alfredo Stevens s Ricardo Phillips, on October 9. both of them players stand out to them Speed And because they reached the goal.

DT gave the green light to employment Who are these attackers after the good? performance who also showed Panamanian Jose Fajardo, with 12 goals and four assists in the 2021 season with Guayaquil Club.

Fajardo, however, did not renew his bypass and went to Cusco From Peru. Facing this, the managers mobilized and went back to look for footballers from Panama, players with a poster smaller than a poster Argentina s Uruguay, which countries prefer clubs in league Search for Strengthen.

Among the 33 foreigners who have been confirmed to participate in the tournament, so far Argentinians They are a majority with 15. They are accompanied by nine Uruguayans.

Watch Leon’s videos of Central America before your approval Implications.

Rich Addy. The defender is 20 years old and is from Haiti. He passed through Baltimore and Don Bosco from his country. Also by Miami United of the United States and Chilean Santiago Morning and Dr. Magallanes. In 2021 he played in Moshok Runa.

Last year I also watched videos of Fajardowho sent it to you Dallo BukaramPresident for lifeSuper 9“.

“The credit for bringing Fajardo went to the club president, because at the time he was living in Panama and went to see him live. He sent me videos and we fetched them,” confirmed Leon, who qualified for next year’s Copa Sudamericana on October 9.

It was difficult for the recorder to adapt to it Ecuadorean football In the early days, it was played in his country on artificial turf, which is different from the natural turf of country stadiums.

Leon considers this to be the new now Strengthen They will not have the elderly Difficulties to Play since the beginning championship.

Ricardo Phillips. He is 20 years old. He is Panamanian and fought DAC and Michalovci from Slovakia. This season he played for Deportivo del Este, where he scored 13 goals and three assists. He is the son of the legendary “Patton” Phillips.

Stevens, 27, played his last season in Aragua From Venezuela, which has settings with natural grass. There he was the tournament’s top scorer, scoring 14 goals. attacker Fired subordinate Hobby The Venezuelan cadre via a video clip on his Instagram account, where he left a message. Now he wants to succeed in Ecuador.

This will be his fourth international experience, after the military in Donajska Strida From Slovakia (between 2015 and 2016), Santa Clara de Portugal (between 2018 and 2020) and Aragua, in 2021.

Canalero 2021 is good. In addition to being a top scorer, he has been called up to Selection From your country by coach Thomas Christiansen.

Ricardo Phillips the least a path. He is 20 years old. Before he was in the DAC and Michalovce, both from Slovakia, where he did not stand out.

According to the technician LionAnd Panama It is a country that has been explored a bit to look for StrengthenBut keep in mind that there are players who can make a difference. Additionally, keep in mind that they can cost less than the Argentine or Uruguayan. Stephen’s sports rights, for example, are priced at $250,000, according to the Transfermarkt portal.

The strategist will try to get both players to adapt to what he has Scheme To establish themselves as junior players in 2021 as their team will play the Copa América for the first time. Dolphin will be his opponent in that tournament.

Okas also set aside the people of River Plate to enhance their abilities Defense. The Eastern team signed the Jamaican’s chosen one, Ricardo Adde. Notice it “Dad” defender After analyzing his performance in Moshok Rona, where he completed 33 matches this year.

“I am very happy to join this team and I hope to be at La Caldera del Sur soon,” said Ade, who has passed through Miami United in the US and Chilean team Santiago Morning and Deportes Magallanes. Eddy arranged his contract until the end of December 2022.

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