Colegiales defeated Flandria and won the first final in Group B.


Collegiales beat Flandria 1-0 at home this afternoon, in the first final of the Primera B Football Championship, which will determine the initial promotion to the higher category.

The meeting was held at the Libertarios Unidos stadium, in the city of Monroe in Buenos Aires, and the goal of Collegiales Federico Martinez was scored in the first stage.

The first half was even in the first minutes, but at the conclusion of the same “Cole” took control of the match and began to worry the visiting goalkeeper Juan Manuel Longarzo.

At 43 the opening scoreboard for “Tricolor” arrived, after a good play that concluded with a low center into the Brian Ferreyra area on the right so that Federico Martínez, with a short and precise touch under the arc, established the due 1 to 0.

The last part got “Canario” with more possession of the ball but without reaching the goal of Collegiales who waited in an orderly manner and left “against”, through which he had the best options to increase the numbers but the victory. Through the smallest teams distinguish the fair difference between the two teams.

Colegiales, Apertura Tournament winner, and Clausura winner Flandria, will determine initial promotion to the First National for next season.

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The rematch for the final will take place on Saturday, November 20, starting at 5:00 pm, at Estadio Carlos V, in Flandria, in the city of Urigue in Buenos Aires.

If the key at the end of the second final is equal in points and goals, then an additional 30 minutes will be taken, and then, if everything remains tied, the promotion of the first category will be decided by shots from the penalty spot.

The winner of the assist will advance to the First National, while the loser in the final will go on to play in the semi-finals of the mini-tournament that will determine the second promotion.

The teams ranked according to the general schedule of reducers are Sacachispas, Justo Jose de Urquiza, Los Andes, Acasuso, Defenses Unidos de Zarate and Deportivo Merlo.

Reduced phase 1 crosses are Sacachispas vs. Merlo, Jose Jose de Urquiza vs. Defensores Unidos and Los Andes vs. Akasusu.

– The result of combining the proposition and the opposite –

Schoolchildren: Nicholas Baez; Diego Magallanes, Lucas Fagioli, Sebastian Martinez and Martin Rodriguez; Enzo Serrano, Fabrizio Palma, Santiago Camacho and Federico Martinez; Mauro Scatolaro and Brian Ferreira. DT: Dario Lima.

Flandria: Juan Manuel Longarzo; Mariano Buch, Andrés Camacho, Julian Marchio, and Nicholas Henry; David Zarco, Francisco Sulley, Joaquín Ibáñez, and Matías Nuet; Enzo Trinidad and Fernando Jimenez. DT: Andres Montenegro.

Goal in the first half: 43 m. Federico Martinez (Midfielder).

Changes: In the second half, before the start, Franco Policastro in favor of Fernando Jimenez (midfield), 28 m. Marcos Godoy for Brian Ferreira (centre) and Rodrigo Brandan for Mauro Scatolaro (centre), 31m. Franco Tessera on David Zarco (Female) and Julian Ford on Matthias Nuet (Female), 39 AD. Martin Lucero by Santiago Camacho (centre) and

Amonistados: Fabrizio Palma (centre), Fernando Jimenez (French), Julian Marchio (female), Enzo Serrano (centre), Franco Polescatro (female),

Referee: Jorge Bruggi

Stadium: Libertarios Unidos (Colegiales). (Tillam)

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