Colombia’s dream team of all time, according to IFFHS, is causing division


As the popular phrase says: “for color tastes.” In this sense there is nothing written and it is very subjective. In football, everyone has a favorite player or club. For this reason, the perfect team of the Colombian national team in its history, published by the International Federation of History and Statistics (IFFHS), has generated different opinions among analysts and football fans.

He mentioned that the Eleventh Federation as the ideal of all time: René Higuita, Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, Mario Yepes, Francisco Zuluaga; Lionel Alvarez, Freddy Rincon, Carlos Valderrama, James Rodriguez; Faustino Asprilla, Wellington Ortiz and Radamel Falcao Garcia.

After that election, voices emerged for and against fans, players, ex-football players and coaches.

For example, the football player of the Golden Eagles, Felipe Jaramillo, said that he agrees with the number eleven.

“I feel like these 11 players have been idols for many of the last generations we play, and we have used them as a reference. They were players who showed desire and determination on the field, never letting anyone overwhelm them, and for some reason most of those there scored five goals against Argentina and were players in World Cup. In addition, it is undeniable that they were very talented.”

Those who are excluded

For technician from Antioquia, Carlos Navarrete, Humberto “Turrón” Alvarez should have been on that list.

“I was going to take out Lionel (Alvarez) and put him in there. The nougat at the time was very big. What happens is he didn’t have the TV or the media that are now. In addition, if Lionel was to be worn, Barabbas (Gabriel Jaime Gomez) would also have to be worn.” .

Humberto Alvarez is considered the first historical player for Atlético Nacional. He was born on June 13, 1929 and died on June 9, 2019. While “Barabas” Gomez was the midfielder who accompanied Lionel to the World Cups in Italy 90 and USA 94.

Paisa coach Victor Luna also noted that there should be other references on that list: “Alejandro Brand, who was a great 10; Hector Lopez, senior central defender; Toto Rubio and Oscar Bolaños, great full-backs. Another defender like Henry Caicedo also comes to mind.”

Luna mentions that there are many other players, but he understands that those on the list, with the World Cup at the top, have priority.

wrong scheme?

The training used by the Federation of History and Statistics has been one of the most criticized aspects. Throughout its history, the scheme that Tricolor implemented the most was 4-4-2. However, for the selection of this team 3-4-3 was used.

Gildardo Gomez, who is specifically one of the defenders that the team participated in in the 1990 World Cup in Italy, said.

Luis Fernando Chunto Herrera or Diego Osorio were among the footballers who made their mark on this part of the field or Wilson Perez, Wilmer Cabrera, Camilo Zúñiga. Gomez insisted that there are many who can participate in the center back.”

people’s opinion

For his part, Carlos “El Pep” Valderrama stated that he feels proud to be named to that historic campus, but for him people’s opinion will always be more important.

“People are in charge, one respects opinions, but when people choose, they are the ones who watch football and have fun in the stadiums, so their vote will always be more important to me.”

In a poll by EL COLOMBIANO on Twitter @ECFutbol, ​​opinions were also divided.

With 173 votes, 52% said they disapproved of the election, while the remaining 48% said (see poll).

There, Diego Ramirez (@ DiegoRa27711762) said that exporter Oscar Cordoba and two defenders named Beria (Amaranto and Luis Carlos) are missing.

User Marco Polo (@MARCOPOLONIKLE) posted that Arnoldo Iguarán (National national team’s second historical scorer with 25 comments) should be there for him.

Marco O. (@ma_osuna7) has chosen Juan Guillermo Cuadrado to join that list. Similarly, Oscar mentioned Cordoba.

What is clear is that without denying the importance of the 11 players who make up the perfect 11 Iffhs players, opinions will continue to be divided.

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