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In what will be their official presentation as a home team in the Major League Soccer (MASL) for professional fast-paced soccer in the United States, Savage CUU is reportedly ready to face, starting today and tomorrow, a double-day weekend in this capital city when it was hosting a team San Diego Soccer.

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Today, Friday, both teams will make history in professional fast-paced football in this capital city, not only by playing a game in this league in the United States, but they will also officially open the Arena Corner Sport building, the home of Savage CUU in a new concept of this state sporting discipline. Chihuahua.

During the show, the players Hugo Pointes, Luis Medrano, David Gonzalez and Jorge Rios, as well as club president Joel Torres Mendoza, commented that the time had come after waiting 3 years and with tremendous work the arena had become. It’s built for 2,500 people, a stage in which Savage will have his real test at home against the current champion of the tournament, with the capacity allowed to be 30%.

The visiting team is still atop the Western Conference with 13 points, while the Wildcats will be looking for their first points of the season and can capitalize on their hometown this time around in both games scheduled. $100 for adults and 50 pesos for kids all season.

In this way, the two teams will face each other again, having previously faced each other on December 19 in California with a local victory of 4-1.

David “Gonzo” Gonzalez

“We have worked a lot on the psychological aspect of these four games in which we were defeated but the results give us a lot of information about what we have to do in this two-game series. Guiding to put in a good show in this first home game against the current King of the Tournament”

Hugo “Roca” Bridge

“We worked on our mistakes imagining what we had to do in these games against San Diego and figured out how we should approach our strategy in this double streak.”

Western Conference

Put team points

the first. San Diego 13

2º. Ontario 8

3º. Tacoma 6

4º. Savage CUU 0

the parties

Arena Sport Corner

Jan 21 20:00 Savage CUU vs San Diego Sockers

January 22 19:00 p.m. Savage CUU vs San Diego Soccer game

Arena Corner Sport

Investment: $42 million

Capacity: 30% (750 people)


Length: 51 meters

Width: 24 meters

1,000 workers

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