University of Sports: Aucas from Ecuador will compete against Merengues at Karim’s Night 2022 | Football – Peruvian


Everything is ready for the launch party academic. Which is that, through a statement, Aucas of Ecuador has confirmed that it will be a meringue competitor in the new edition of Crema Night, the event that will announce the 2022 crew for the student team.

“The idol in the night cream! Thanks a lot academic For inviting us to the official presentation of your 2022 team. It would be my pleasure to accompany you! Lima is waiting for us, let’s go Okas! “, was the message that accompanied the publication of the Ecuadorean team.

remarkably academic I planned the night cream For Saturday, January 29, an international match is already on the agenda, the same match that could take place in the middle of the week, in the United States, he learned. stripped off.

On the other hand, the Ecuadoreans did not rule out being part of a tour of Peru in which they could take advantage of their stay in the capital to face another national team, with the possibility of seeing their faces with Alianza Lima on Blue and White Night. However, this is still being coordinated, so it could change in the coming days, pending ratification by both institutions.

Aucas from Ecuador will be a competitor to Universitario. (Photo: Facebook)

University announces after the ruling of TAS

Backlash continues in Peruvian football, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) ruling caused serious problems for the Peruvian Football Association (FPF). On Thursday evening, he circulated a statement signed by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs academicand Alianza Lima, Sporting Cristal and Melgar as they made clear their rejection of the management of Peru’s football governing body.

The sports entities also indicated that although they were not involved in the case in which footballer Matias Carpio was the protagonist and which was resolved by the Swiss court, they feel affected, given that there is already a set timetable for development. from league 1.

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