Commonwealth Games: results from day two

Commonwealth Games: results from day two

The Toys The Commonwealth continues its course in the English city of Birmingham. On the second day of the female and male branchesThe semi-finalists were determined in men and those who would play in the final in women.

Australia and Fiji They will seek a gold medal in the women’s lottery decider. She defeated the Australian Girls in the semi-finals New Zealand By 17 to 12, while the Fijians did the same against them Canada by 24 to 7.

On the men’s front, Day Two left the semi-final matches confirmed. New Zealand In view of Fiji and South Africa In view of Australia Duels will be to determine the finalists who will fight for the gold medal.

The women’s final is scheduled to take place on 16:38 On Sunday, while men are held on the same day in 17:04 from our country.

Men’s results.

Group A

New Zealand 63-5 Sri Lanka.

England 0-34 Samoa

New Zealand 19-17 Samoa

England 47-19 Sri Lanka

Samoa 54-0 Sri Lanka

New Zealand 20-0 England

group b

South Africa 46-0 Malaysia

Scotland 41-0 Tonga

South Africa 36-5 Tonga

Scotland 12-50 Malaysia

Tonga 7-31 Malaysia

South Africa 34-0 Scotland

group C

Canada 31-0 Wales

Fiji 51-0 Zambia

Wales 38-5 Zambia

Fiji 19-12 Canada

Canada 12-24 Zambia

Fiji 34-28 Wales

group d

Australia 62-0 Jamaica

Kenya 14-27 Uganda

Uganda 40-0 Jamaica

Australia 7-5 Kenya

Australia 12-12 Uganda

Kenya 45-0 Jamaica


silver cup:

England 7-5 Jamaica

Wales 14-33 Malaysia

Uganda 38-19 Sri Lanka

Tonga 7-19 Zambia

gold cup:

Fiji 7–34 Scotland

South Africa 33-0 Canada

New Zealand 31-0 Kenya

Australia 7-0 Samoa

Semi-final rounds:

Silver Cup (Sunday):

England – Wales

Tonga – Uganda

gold cup:

New Zealand – Fiji

South Africa – Australia


Women’s results

Group A

England 57-0 Sri Lanka

New Zealand 7-5 Canada

New Zealand 60-0 Sri Lanka

Canada 19-26 England

Canada 74-0 Sri Lanka

New Zealand 7-38 England

group b

Australia 38-0 South Africa

Fiji 12-31 Scotland

Scotland 33-12 South Africa

Australia 12-19 Fiji

Fiji 41-0 South Africa

Australia 50-0 Scotland

Semi-final rounds:

silver cup:

England 36-0 South Africa

Scotland 58-0 Sri Lanka

gold cup:

New Zealand 12-17 Australia

Fiji 24-7 Canada

Seventh place match

South Africa – Sri Lanka

Fifth place match

England – Scotland

Final Bronze Medal

New Zealand – Canada

Gold Medal Final:

Fiji and Australia

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