Daniel Gallan faces Jordan Thompson in the second round of the US Open.

Pay attention to what he said Daniel Elahi Jalan Rivers (Bucaramanga 1996) After beating Stefanos Tsipapas at the US Open on Monday: “It is not easy to maintain intensity and the head.”

victory Tennis player The Colombian has a special brilliance, although he was just a step into the second round in US Openbut its impact is that it was the first in the country in 47 years to break into the top 5 in the league professional tennis players (ATP). In 1975, Ivan Molina beat Spaniard Manuel Orantes, No. 3, in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Special brightness to victory Daniel Galan Rivers Increases as the third ATP player to leave a group in white (6-0) to TsitsipasAnd the fifth globally and before the number 94. Only Rafael Nadal s Novak Djokovictwo of the most championship winners in Big bangs In the world they did.

Only a black Greek balaka should have recognized superiority: “He played like a world class.”

Daniel Galan Rivers He is the youngest of four children in the A . family Former volleyball player, Santos, and current top bowler Doris. His older brothers are Sat, Rossio and Xandu, and all three have played tennis.

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