Confederación Hípica del Caribe will hold a meeting to address irregularities in Camarero


The Caribbean Riding Federation officially announced Thursday via social media that it will hold an Extraordinary General Assembly to address the irregularities that arose around the celebration of the Caribbean Riding Series at the beginning of the month at Camarero Racetrack in Puerto Rico.

“As a result of the events that occurred during the Caribbean Horse Series at the Camarero Racecourse in Puerto Rico, The presidency and directors of the Caribbean Equestrian Federation receive complaints from member states that refer to certain situations.”, reads part of the statement the agency released on its official Twitter account, although it did not specify what kind of allegations were made.

The statement, which originated in today’s Panama City, was signed by the president of that entity, Alberto Paz Rodriguez.

The letter concludes by saying, “We have collected all the information and are able to report that in the next few days we will hold an extraordinary general assembly, as provided by our articles of association.”

However, although the federation was brief in its writings and did not mention the type of irregularities or positions indicated by the member states regarding what happened on the weekend of 5 and 6 December in Camariro, some complaints were publicly disclosed, such as those Created by Venezuelan coach Oscar Gonzalez, who was responsible for the example of that country Sandovalera, who was one of the candidates to win the classic Caribbean International Championship.

This test, the most important in the equestrian series, was dominated by the Puerto Rican pony drummerRid by jockey Juan Carlos Diaz, the most successful jockey in the local dressage. Sandovalera did not perform as expected.

Juan Carlos Diaz celebrated after the winning model Tamborero crossed the finish line to win the Caribbean Classic that was held on December 6 at the Camarero Raceway. (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

As reported by Primera Hora on Wednesday, Gonzalez gave an interview to a US horse racing program, Exacta Box, which is transmitted online via YouTube, in which Gonzalez denounced that his version does not work up to par. The circumstances where he claims Sandovalera did not receive the dose of Lasix he requested prior to the race.

González, who started the aforementioned program emphasizing that the problems started in a quarantine area that does not have enough space for horses, also said that the Venezuelan samples did not get veterinary help either. He also said he never understood, nor did they explain why, unlike usual, the quarantine area this time was outside the racetrack.

Regarding race day, Gonzalez claimed his skill did not reflect the presence of Lasix in his order sample and sent it to a Cornell University lab in the US at the suggestion of Puerto Rican veterinarian Jose García Blanco, according to Primera Hora.

One of the irregularities in the record was what happened with the Caribbean International Classic, which was scheduled for 7:15 at night and started 45 minutes late. In addition, an art show was held on the track, and horse trainers complained about its effect on the behavior of their horses. In fact, the oppressed Venezuelan horse escaped from its advantage in the track and had to be pulled out of the race because it circled the track several times when it ran away. They also complained that the loud music disturbed the horses.

El Nuevo Día has tried to get a reaction from the president of the board of directors of the Camarero racetrack, Ervin Rodríguez, but at the moment has not been contacted.

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