Continental boxing is dominated by Brazil and the United States. Ecuador keeps two silver medals | Other sports | Sports

Continental boxing is dominated by Brazil and the United States.  Ecuador keeps two silver medals |  Other sports |  Sports

with four titles, Brazil And the United State They became the best Continental boxingmade in Colosseum Voltaire Paladins PoleFrom Guayaquil while Dominican Republic Final win. CubaAnd the Colombia And the Mexico They received one crown each.

On the last notice board for the tournament I organized Ecuadorian Boxing Federationwho presides Alex Gonzalezthe tricolor participated in the dispute for two titles and lost in both the blessed with a score of 0-5.

Jean Carlo Enchico He was the first Ecuadorean boxer to win the gold medal in the 63 kg category. Colombian fight Jose Manuel Villavara It was uneven due to the superiority of the coffee farmer, who hit more than the first attack and ascended to first place on the podium.

They exchanged blows, but Viavara’s blows were more technical, effective, and dealt more damage. Little by little he was collecting points, while the Ecuadorean needed to go into his corner three times to put on his mouthguard, which moved due to the movements he was making.

it was in the past round When Anchiko tried to regain ground and shortened the advantage, but his ineffectiveness in hitting the coffee boxer did not allow him to reach his target. Vievara, when they were between the ropes, would always come out with flying colors and let the blows fly in the wind. Finally, the Colombian representative got a unanimous vote and won 0-5.

In another fight for the representatives of Ecuador, Jose Rodriguez Little can do before the Mexican excels Alonso GreenWho won in the 71 kg weight category by unanimous decision of the judges (5-0).

Antonio Harvey Jamal (1st), from the United States, lost the 57kg Boxing Continental final against Brazilian Luiz Gabriel Do Nascimiento. Photo: Jose Beltran

In the 57 kg division, there was confusion by the announcer with the announcement of the winner Anthony Harveyfrom the United States, in his fight against the Brazilian Luis Gabriel de Nascimento. When North America was celebrating, the artist corrected the award of victory to the representative of Oriverdi.

Final results

48 kg: Hansel Joshua Lopez (Guatemala) 0-5 Billy Rodriguez (Cuba)

51 kilos: Irislan Romero (Cuba) 0-5 Aaron Hill (USA)

54 kg: Damien Ars (Cuba) 0-5 Rodrigo Marti (Dominican Republic)

57 kilos: Luiz Gabriel do Nascimento (Brazil) 4-1 Antonio Harvey (USA)

60 kilos: Simon Rafael Joubert (Cuba) 2 – 3 Alexei Miguel de la Cruz (Dominican Republic)

63.5 kg: Jose Manuel Villavara (Colombia) 0-5 Jean Carlos Anchico (Ecuador)

67 kg: Anderson de Oliveira (Brazil) 5-0 Miguel Angel Martinez (Mexico)

71 kilos: Marco Alonso Verde (Mexico) 5-0 Jose Rodriguez (Ecuador)

75 kilos: Emmanuel Parti El (USA) 5-0 Hector Octavio Aguirre (Mexico)

80 kg: Filho Isaias Ribeiro (Brazil) 1-4 Ruby Gonzalez (US)

86 kilos: Kino Machado (Brazil) 4-1 Arjan Esseni (USA)

92 kg: Shakir Talley (USA) 5 – 0 Carlos Antonio Rodriguez (Mexico).

More than 92 kg: Abner Teixeira (Brazil) 5-0 Miguel Angel Velez (Chile). (Dr)

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