Cuban Olympic champions today in world rowing

Cuban Olympic champions today in world rowing

Havana, September 16 (ACN) Cubans Sergi Torres and Fernando Diane Jorge, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic champion, is competing today in the two-seater (C-2) canoe, a thousand meters from World Boating Championships in CopenhagenDenmark, the competition that will conclude next Sunday.

According to the International Federation website:, the Cuban duo, multiple medalists in world cups and competitions, will participate in the fifth track of the first qualifier along with four other pairs, Uganda, for the second, Spain (3), China (6) and Canada (7).

The task looks easy, as the top three of each test advance straight to the rowing final, a stage they must reach to defend their Olympic best time (3:24.995 minutes), with one they won in the Japanese capital.

These times beat the best world champion (3:40.55 minutes), held by a Chinese duo, and the best world championship (3:25.091 minutes), back to a German couple.

Torres and Jorge will also seek to clear the way to the podium in the 500 metres, the distance to be called the Paris 2024 Games, which will start in qualifying on Friday.

The purpose of the duo from the largest of the Antilles is great, as they want to get the gold medal that they lack in their silver loot and tan on the planet.

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Jorge will have more action on the watercourse, as he will also line up in the car (C-1) at 5,000 metres, on Sunday.

Cuba also participates in the World Cup with the other three canoeers who took part in the Japanese multi-sport event, Jose Ramon Belair, Yarislides Cirillo and Catherine Nuevo.

Belair will compete in the C-1 at 1,000 metres, on Thursday, and the 500m (Friday), while Cirillo will compete several times, in the C-2 at 500 with Nuevo (Thursday) and 200 (Friday), and in the C-1 fast 200 (Friday) and five thousand meters (Sunday).

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