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Cuban Softball Follow ›Sports› Granma

provokes courage jar Alain Romain, also injured short player Luis Dominguez, mastering hunter Rainier Vera or the excellent hands of second base captain Yuri Rodriguez; The fitting bat of Roger Rosette, and the paw of veteran Josper Plotin, on the shooting board.

They are some members of the brave Cuban softball team that has just qualified for the World Championships at the Pan American Tournament being held in Paraná, Argentina. They have built a bridge with the softball players who, just six years after Cuba’s international debut (the 1982 Central American and Caribbean Games, in Havana), appeared at the sport’s seventh World Championships, in Saskatoon, Canada, to sign up for the prize-fighting elite. Bronze with the host country.

Three of these warriors are in the direction of this push: mentor Leonardo Cárdenas, the short, smartest player who has gone through what’s called softball, or as Candido Fabri says, the big team; Softball man Jesus Echart, and Esteban Gruero, one of the smartest bowlers who ever set foot on the Little Diamond, who, incidentally, in Saskatoon revealed all his might, with 23 free rounds in that show.

This editor became a journalist recounting this as well as other feats, such as the 1998 title in a tournament like the one now played in Argentina, signed, among other things, by Jose El Quintero, Jose Petart, success from Indalecio Alejandrez, Carlos shipments Fernandez or Hector Torres, the actions of Guillermo Marquez or the fighting of Hector Merino, who, like Dominguez, I saw leave with a crooked hand defending the national jersey. These were guided by the wisdom of Calixto Mayar, Luis Garcia, Miguel Albán or José “Guanabana” Quintana, the man who left his imprint on the same scenario regarding the continental fight now being played out in gaucho territory: before and after the Cuban Quintana,” said the Argentine lead bowler Melissa Echvist. He’s like the father of modern Argentine softball.” Guanabana was in Paraná in the ’90s, as a technician.

This is just part of the story that continued in the Cuban team that will compete today for the Pan-American bronze medal against the United States, in a home race for the podium that brought together three of the five teams that managed to win the World Championships: USA (5) and Canada ( 4) Argentina (1). The other two: New Zealand (7) and Australia (1).

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