La Jornada – The Women’s Battle Will Bring Historic Million Dollars

La Jornada – The Women’s Battle Will Bring Historic Million Dollars

There is a boxing record that many have waited for decades to see fall. Far from loud hits or passes, this mark is dedicated to dignity and recognition, a historical figure who will open doors and break stigmas, it’s the first fight for a million dollar purse in women’s boxing and Irish stars Katie Taylor and Porto will be. Rican Amanda Serrano.

The amount seems ridiculous compared to the $195 million that American Floyd Mayweather earned as the highest-paid athlete of the past decade, according to the magazine. Forbes. But this is the case for the boxers, who will hardly cross the million in US currency.

Jake Paul is the promoter who orchestrated the fight between his client Cyrano, the unified featherweight champion, and Taylor, the WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO lightweight champion, who each promised a “seven-figure” check. Dollars’ duel they will hold on Saturday, April 30th. Even if it wins, Puerto Rico can get two million bets among the promoters.

The stage will be another transcendent spice, as it’s the first time two women will be the stars at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Women’s boxing salaries appear to have stagnated, and even declined, for 30 years, when American Christy Martin was the queen of chords and managed to raise $250,000, according to the newspaper. The New York Times.

Since then, the fighters have had to sign contracts for meager amounts. Laura Serrano, the first world champion in Latin America, made barely $15,000 in the ’90s for her best bag.

marianna Barbie Juarez, the former world flyweight and super flyweight champion, revealed to this publishing house that she got more money to submit to the magazine. play boy from the fight and the publication paid him 1 million pesos in July 2012; Until then his best salary was 800 thousand.

Taylor was the first to taste a million dollars in boxing after facing Belgium’s Delphine Pearson in 2020. Of course the achievement was 16 years after actress Hilary Swank earned that figure in fiction as the film’s leading fighter. Million dollar kid. However, conditions are different for other boxers.

ibeth Stone Zamora, the former flyweight champion, revealed that the salaries of the King of the World fencing in Mexico range between 10 thousand and 15 thousand dollars (200 and 300 thousand pesos), while in the United States they earn up to 50 thousand dollars (one million pesos). weights).

By contrast, a boxer who has just started working his way up the tendons receives only 30,000 or 40,000 pesos, according to Ana Maria Torres, who lamented the circumstances.

“When I fought, the salaries were more decent in my case, and now they are much lower than I had imagined. It has nothing to do with the earnings of men, I am amazed that instead of going up they go down, when women are always disciplined and put on great performances. “

Yesterday, Serrano (60.58kg) and Taylor (61kg) completed the final step toward the fight by complying with the mandatory welterweight. “We’re going to make history for every Latina and every woman,” Puerto Rican said.

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