This is the largest skate park in the United States

This is the largest skate park in the United States

More than 8000 square meters of concrete on the banks of the river, connecting different parts of the city in a central area, surrounded by greenery. This is what they have in it Des Moines (Iowa, United States) with Lauridsen SkateparkA true installation marvel for fans of urban sports like skateboarding.

In the Ride Channel they posted it A video in which they collect all kinds of stories about it. From the designers to the neighbours, passing through the authorities, the police, people involved in one way or another, professional skaters, local skaters, representatives of World Skate or USA Skate… they all stop at the microphone to explain their feelings about Skatepark, well some of its founding history or its country.

Among other statements, for example, they highlight the statements of the police who explained that thanks to this skate park it avoids the problems of fines and arrests that occurred due to skating depending on the places in the city center; The skaters who explained that their country’s skate parks are right next to the cemetery and instead that’s great; It is a skate park for all levels and that there are people who come just to watch; what or what It took nearly 20 years to implement it (from its claim to its inauguration); Or the role that the Skatepark Project (Tony Hawk Corporation to build skate parks in the US) played in this process.

Andy Anderson, one of the best skaters in the world, tops the cake with a “I don’t want to say it’s the best skate park I’ve ever skated in, but it’s the best skate park I’ve ever skated in”. Also Jagger Eaton, Sky Brown, Sean Malto, Ryan Sheckler, Amelia Brodka, Leticia Buffoni, Andy Anderson, Chris Pastras, Todd Richards, Dashawn Jordan, Mike Valelle, Samaria Brevard, Philip Nunes, Axel Kreuzbergs, Dan Manchina, Chris Gregson, Tracie Garacochea, Josh Friedberg, Alec Beck, Kim Woozy…

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