Palacín captivates the United States with his football

Palacín captivates the United States with his football

About 20 years ago, there were a few young Ribera who traveled to the United States to study at university thanks to their athletic abilities. One of them was David Sinkermes from Montreux. Currently, thanks to companies such as Eture Sports, which was founded by former UD player Alzira Jaime Miralles after his experience in the North American country, the path is being opened for young people from the region to join the Americas. At Presbyterian College, located in Clinton, South Carolina, Voro Rivera studies Journalism (English Communication and Media Studies: Journalism) while being a fixture for his coach. Javier García was named Team Offensive Player of the Year at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge (Boston) and made the perfect team for the University Division II while studying for his MBA Sports. Another Alzireño, Javito Llinares, studies psychology at Troy University (Alabama) and his team placed third. In addition, he has been nominated for All Conference (One of the Best Tennis Players of the Conference) and “Player You See” (Most Attractive Player). Alcudiano Roberto Fernández was the Golden Boot with Milligan Buffs, who was selected by coaches on the perfect “Scholar All American team” and played in the NCAA Division I with the Bowling Green Falcons while studying for an MBA.

Last week, his alma mater named Pau Pallasin of Alsair as the “Newcomer of the Year,” the athlete who contributed the most to his team among those who arrived last year from all sports practiced at Southern Illinois University in Edwardville, known there as SIUE: of ball Classic football, basketball, baseball and tennis to wrestling, cross country, golf, and track and field. In August, he played the first league held between August and November in which he scored three goals and entered the perfect eleven matches for all conferences. After the Christmas holidays, “the ‘spring’ league is held, where five games are played that we all won.” Palacín scored ten goals and provided five assists in one of the most powerful conferences in D1, the top college class. “In this separation between universities with a difference of 10-11 hours of travel facing each other or even traveling by plane.” There were “twelve internationals” on his team, a term used to describe non-Americans, “and you could say we played more than just a team game; teams with more Americans have a more direct game.

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In the next few days he will face his final exams and on August 20th he will return to the university to finish his dual degree in business administration and advertising. “My coach has recommended that I play in Chicago in the Major League Soccer, which is a semi-professional league from May to August, when he wants me to be back with the college team.” This could be an initial step for what could be a riverside dream, to enter the MLS (Football League, Major League Soccer) project.

Beached came to the United States in the summer of 2020 to study and play in North Carolina. “I was looking for a climate similar to that of Valencia and now there has been a radical change.” At first he struggled because, despite being an athletic attacker, “his physical fitness is the most effective aspect and it was very difficult for me to adapt.” At the end of the course, he returned to Alzira and played for the Tavernes in the final stage of the league and promotion. In August he joined SIUE “Because the universities here work like clubs. To sign you, they pay for your studies and I saw it was a good opportunity even if it was downtown with the cold and snow.” If the American adventure doesn’t have a happy ending, Alzireño isn’t ruling out a return to Alzira, “where I’m so excited to wear the Blaugrana costume again.”

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