These are the official Spanish radio sounds of Angel City FC, the new women’s team in the NWSL

The night of April 29th will go down in Los Angeles history as women’s football returns with Angel City Football Club’s debut in the Women’s National Football League. Angelino’s XI debuted at Bank of California, where he now co-hosted with LAFC from MLS.

Many young girls who came to see their heroines take to the field and defeat North Carolina FC, showed their feelings and happiness in feeling represented with Gold and Pink who occupied the building on Figueroa Street with electricity.

Los Angeles has waited since 2009 to have a women’s soccer team again, when LA Sol was part of the Women’s Soccer League just this season, an organization that in turn disappeared in 2012.

Just as they made their debut and they were several girls, La Mera Mera radio commentator Ethel Colato had her own dream by becoming part of the official voice team of Spanish radio ACFC.

“I got this call at night from my manager and he said ‘I was calling you to tell you there was a chance for you to be a commentator for Angel City FC, imagine yourself, my first impression was shocking,'” Collato recalls. To the LA Times in Spanish. “It’s not every day that you get a chance like this, in a city like Los Angeles and with an elite women’s team, for us women. In addition to gaining ground because it reminds us of the 2009 debut and farewell to Los Angeles Sol, it’s different now.”

The ACFC Home Games narration will be responsible for one of the Los Angeles press badges with the voice of Samuel Jacobo.

“Very excited and full to take into account, especially the way the organization has done everything so well,” Jacopo explained. “People have had such a great response, that the tickets are selling really well as you can see, so it’s a very special moment for them and us too.”

Samuel James.


For Jacobo, sharing the microphone with a female voice is the right mode for broadcasting matches.

“You will start living this experience as a commentator, she is a sports fan and she knows a lot,” the narrator said. “From El Salvador, you have already brought the experience of sports and radio, as well as for networks.”

Collato is part of the Jornada Deportiva radio show broadcast on KWKW 1330 AM in Los Angeles.

“After it was announced with great fanfare, that there would be a team with owners like Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, among others, they would have a team in Los Angeles, the cradle of champions…This city really deserves a women’s soccer team,” said Colato. Featured.

Jacobo began his journalistic career in Los Angeles in the 1990s and was part of the birth of leagues such as the MLS after the success of the ’94 World Cup in the United States. He notes that local football stadiums today no longer have the same number of people watching matches because they are “experiencing organized professional football”.

“This league is really, it has started to bear fruit, it was a very good impression, caused by that World Cup, which attracted new generations to be part of this league”

– Samuel Jacobo, the official Spanish broadcaster for Angel City Football Club.

The Asian Football Confederation began its story with a controlled 2-1 victory, in the match that started with an early goal three minutes later, followed after another 10 minutes, announcing an easy and crushing victory. However, the visit scored a deduction and added drama to a very Hollywood ending.

Jacopo said: “This league is really, it started to bear fruit, it was a very good impression, caused by that World Cup, which attracted new generations to be part of this league.”

One of the issues that has been around for many years is regarding equal pay for male and female soccer players. This caused an uproar in front of the United States Football Association, which the narrator considers to be taking careful steps to bring justice to professional players at the club level.

“On February 22, American football held a meeting and was able to pay both men and women, and they spoke at national team level,” Jacobo recalls. “Now at the club level, this show with the women’s team, the examples will be taken and I think it was a successful thing because women enter the field with discipline and responsibilities in competition and I think we are here, so we hope that it will also come to the club level.”

“After it was announced with great fanfare, that there will be a team with owners like Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, among others, they will have a team in Los Angeles, the cradle of champions…This city truly deserves an elite women’s soccer team”

– Ethel Colato, the official Spanish radio commentator for Angel City FC.

Collato lives this new phase of women’s football with great passion, because in 1996 she experienced something similar on the men’s side when LA Galaxy started in MLS, but without being directly involved in the sport yet.

“I was with the consulate of El Salvador and Mauricio Cienfuegos was there, and we were invited as a diplomatic delegation from his country as special guests… It was a magical thing, very special, and now I am here going through the same thing, but from another angle, as a commentator,” Collatu said.

Living this new experience with ACFC is of great value to her, because “as a woman, she represents something impressive”, for example to new generations. She was also in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the women’s team that won the World Cup.

“I was interviewing some of the girls who were part of the academies there as well, and when they saw Alex Morgan, they got excited and the player, when I spoke to them, reminded them that she had seen Mia Hamm herself,” the commentator said. “Bringing this to the girls today, I want that as the years go by, there are also girls who narrate sports, and girls who comment on sports, which is why it is an indescribable experience for me.”

The home of San Salvador, who entered as a commentator accompanying Jacobo, is the best thing that could happen to her in this new phase of her journalistic career.

“I am entering this stage, this new adventure, from the hand of a professional journalist because I have also listened to Samuel Jacobo,” said Colato. “All these years I listened to him on the radio and came to work with him, so he is more impressive than I could have ever imagined.”

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