Cup Hurtado is eager to get back into football even though he is now working in construction


Came to sign for Cuprilo From Chile In Ecuador, he defended Quito University Deportivo CuencaAnd Portoviego League, among other clubs. at the age of 36 years, Hurtado Cup He asserts that he has not yet retired from football, although in recent months he has worked in the United States as a delivery man and recently in labour. Construction.

He was once called “Ecuadorean Balotelli”, the staunch defender who also defended Ocas, Independiente del Valle and La league store He feels “blessed” for his work, and every day he gets up very early, just after 5:00, to catch the train from Brooklyn a Manhattan, In New York where he works.

“On the 18th of this month, I’m here for five months. It’s not easy, but thank God I’m doing a great job. I have people who have welcomed me very much so I can stay. Here you are really living the American dream because you don’t have time to sleep,” as He says laughing.

“Here life is so fast. My routine is to get up at 05:30, clean my mouth, change and walk to the train. Manhattan where I work. That’s every day, thank God,” he adds.

before engaging in Wall paint the Floor polishing, among other activities he had to learn, at the beginning of 2021 he also worked in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and he delivered mattresses, furniture and chairs at home… Then he returned to Ecuador and joined the beautiful banana From the fairway, in El Oro, in the second category.

stole in Manhattan, New York. Photo: the footballer’s Instagram

In the middle of 2021 he even received offers from the second-tier clubs, but what they were offering him financially did not satisfy him and he decided to return again to United State. “Here I also play in the neighborhoods and they pay me $100 and even $200 for a game of honor and that’s how I stay. I also go to the gym, try to stay healthy until I have a good old age. I haven’t retired from football yet. I chose to come because the economy is tough in the country, but I haven’t retired“, He says.

Hurtado Cup in Brooklyn, New York. Photo: the footballer’s Instagram

Hurtado He recounts his sports career and ensures that one of his best moments in football was lived in store league, In 2012, “Important things were done for the club and the city. From there I jumped to go to Quito University It was another important moment for me Portoviego LeagueIn 2019, we went up with the club but unfortunately the team regressed due to leadership issues. It is a team with a very large crowd. ”, recalls the defender 1.83 meters.

In his childhood and adolescence he was shaped more like boxer who – which Footballer. In El Guabo, El Oro, he was famous for performing tricks and throws He hits of kicking the ball. “I never played football, but thank God I went to try Deportivo CuencaI stayed in Sub 20 and someone promoted me to first team. It was such a blessing and I was able to become a professional,” he confirms.

the Ecuadorean Balotelli He has always been a fan of strikers like Carlos ‘Cuqui’ Juárez, Wálter ‘Mamita’ Calderón, Eduardo ‘Tanque’ Hurtado and others. Later, when my teammates (Marcelo) Fletas, (Segundo) Matamba, (Raul) “Pavo” Noriega, Wilson Carabale, Marcelo Velasco, Omar Guerra were the players who motivated you on the field. They were the first experienced companions that I had and who I managed to figure out what a dressing room and high-ranking companion is,” he recalls Hurtado Cup, an Ecuadorean who now lives in United State And who still yearns to return to a professional club.

Hurtado (left), in a match between IDV and Barcelona in 2011. Photo: EL COMERCIO Archive

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