Delta Aquáridas, a meteor on July 30

Delta Aquáridas, a meteor on July 30

After a month wrapped Planetary conjunctions NS moon phases, the Delta Aquarids meteor shower It will close with a flower a month JulyHowever, rain and drizzle can complicate your vision.

although astronomical events They are assigned a specific appearance date, which occurs over several days.

In this case, Delta Aquarids began their course in the sky from July 13 and will remain until August 24.

However, it will be between July 30 and 31 they will reach their maximum point of activity, when 25 meteorites per hour.

The best time to estimate them would be 8:56 PM. Mexico City.

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According to the “Greenwich Royal Museums”, that night there is a high probability It’s raining, which recommended consulting weather forecast And pay attention to the sky an hour before the event.

Where and how do we witness the meteor shower?

According to specialists, this meteorite has the advantage of being “moderate” in intensity, so we must exhaust all resources and strategies to appear in its greatest splendor.

To achieve this the viewer must look for a place clearly facing south, away from artificial light such as lampposts, as well as objects that obstruct the view, such as magnificent buildings or buildings with countless floors.

According to astronomers, the best position for capturing most meteorites would be facing up, so they suggested placing a blanket or blanket on the rooftop floor, or failing that, a lawn chair could work as well. Thanks to its wideness.

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There is no better tool to fix the details of a meteor shower than our visual ability.

Specialists confirm that it does not require binoculars or a telescope, because both have narrow fields of view, which achieve a completely different goal than the intended one.

Another important point is to put yourself in the position of appreciation in advance. This way the observer gets used to the darkness. It is recommended to avoid the use of flashlights or cell phones that break the visual silence at night.

Having said that, you will find yourself in ideal conditions to view the Delta Aquarids, but what is the correct way to act when seeing them in the sky?

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According to the Space News Portal, when the viewer recognizes meteors in the sky, it is recommended that they look away from the bright spot – where the stars appear to shine – because that way they will only see short-range meteors.

On the other hand, if you point your gaze with a wider perspective – at about a 45-degree angle – you will be able to catch the farthest meteors.

How does the Delta Aquarid Meteor shower arise?

A meteor shower occurs when a land Passes through the remains of the ruins of some a kite. When these fragments hit the surface of our planet, they produce “streaks of fire” that fly through the sky.

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To date, the creation of Delta Aquarids is attributed to comets. Marsden NS EnergyWhich is one million and 400 thousand kilometers from Sol. However, astronomers say there is more uncertainty than certainty that confirms the origin of these meteorites.


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