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The 39th International Cross of Italica, which takes place on Sunday in a historic circuit next to the historic Roman city, will feature representation of athletes from 13 countries, as well as those representing any of the participating clubs.

Thus, in the men’s absolute race, the Cross of Italy will put Tadesse Worko (Ethiopia) on the starting line, who is defending his title he won last year and aspires to be among the winners of two editions of Italy, giving him the right to be assigned his name to any of the elements of the layout Circle.

And in front of him is Thierry Ndyknoinyo of Burundi, the World Cup winner. Thomas Aiko, Ugandan; Albert Robb from Bahrain. The Portuguese Andre Pereira, Edson Barros and the Spaniard expanded, with Carlos Mayo, Daniel Ars and Houssem Benabou, in addition to more than 200 registered in the Spanish championship.

As for the ladies, Yasemin Ka, a Turkish woman who already knows the glories of being a European champion, stands out. Beatrice Shebet, Kenyan Junior World Champion; Italian star Nadia Batocletto with Anna Arnaud. Portuguese actresses Mariana Machado and Sara Moreira most represented; Another Ethiopian couple who looks forward to it all, Irve Wondamijn and Sinebir Teferi, and an English athlete from among those who give nothing for a loss, Ingrad Davies.

The re-emergence in the high competition of Ana Lozano also stands out; Matane Millero, champion of Spain. Castilian Carla Gallardo, Lucia Rodriguez and finally, promising cross-country youths, Marina Martinez and Marta Serrano, both promised sixth place in the World Track Championships at different distances.

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